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Alternate Views on the Purpose of Business: A Resource for Business Ethics Instruction - Gary L. Karns

Alternative investment funds: the case of hedge funds, private equity funds and real estate funds in the Italian context - Edoardo Catelani, Giovanni Sequi

An Academic Learning Organization-a Case Study From Pakistan - A.SADAF & DR.AHMED.F.Siddiqi

An Examination of Persistent Underemployment Among Professional Workers in The United States - Michaeline Skiba, Joseph Mosca

An Exploratory Investigation of Business Education Critical Inquiry Programs and the Creation of a Related Faculty Development Agenda - Stephanie M. Foote, David S. Harrison, Richard A. Heiens, Kathleen W. Wates

Analysis of The Factors Affecting Productivity Using Non Parametric Regression Method - Nuray Tezcan

Are Islamic banks better immunized than Conventional banks in the current economic crisis? - Mareyah Mohammad Ahmad, Dayanand Pandey

Commodity Prices: How Important are Real and Nominal Shocks?Commodity Prices: How Important are Real and Nominal Shocks? - Harry Bloch, Patricia Fraser, Garry MacDonald

Competitive warfare - The impact of electric cars on the oil & refinery industry and their countermeasures - Sean Philipp, Peter R. Haiss

Drivers of born-global companies’ international development: an empirical investigation among Italian companies - Gianpaolo Baronchelli, Fabio Cassia

Enhancing Access to Finance for Micro and Small Enterprises in Egypt - Sahar Nasr

Exploring customers’ reaction to product recall messages: the role of responsibility, opportunism and brand reputation - Francesca Magno, Fabio Cassia, Alberto Marino

Exploring marketing issues for business-to-business companies entering emerging markets - Fabio Cassia, Francesca Magno

How Can We Manage To Be Happy? - John M. Hasselberg

Innovation Performance Improvement For The Women As A Creative Industry Based Efforts To Improve Locality Family Welfare - Endry Boeriswati

Internal Controls and Auditing in Italian Local Governments - Paola Paglietti

Investor Behavior and Economic Cycle: The Impact of Human Factors on Economic Booms and Busts with a Global Perspective - Beryl Y. Chang

Issues in the Development, and Enforcement, of International Humanitarian Law: A Primer - Bruce A. Forster, Jessica D. Forster

Logics of value chain configuration and transnational cooperation: the role for firms and emerging economies of WTO - Vittoria Marino, Carmen Gallucci, Paola Zoccoli

Moving Forward on Ethics Education in One School's MBA Program - David E. Olson, Chester Bryniarski, Cuiping Wang, Silver Arias

Multimedia in Higher Education: Proliferation of Tools + Paucity of Research = Opportunities - Janette Moody, Gregory L. Krippel

Reexamination of Consumer Animosity-constructToward Multi Opposed Countries - Bayu Sutikno, Julian Ming-Sung Cheng

Regional Finance Companies Like Private Equity Firms - Lorenzo Gai, Emanuele Martelli

Regulation of FX market - Tamás Isépy

Responsiveness as Antecedent of Satisfaction and Referrals in Financial Services Marketing - S. K. Pandey, Raj Devasagayam

Small Businesses Strategies in Times of Crisis: Empirical Evidence from the Province of Pesaro-Urbino - Tonino Pencarelli, Simone Splendiani, Elisa Nobili

Supply Chain Management in Textile and Supplier Performance Evaluation - Mehmet Tanyas, Cevza Candan, Kadir Cesur

Teaching and Learning in Accounting Information Systems for Accounting Courses - Supattra Boonmak

The effectiveness of advertising: a literature review - Elisabetta Corvi, Michelle Bonera

The Effects of Compensation Scheme, Source Credibility, and Receiver Involvement on the Organizational Budgeting Process - Gloria J. McVay, Rita L. Rahoi-Gilchrest

The Effects of Innovation Characteristics on Mobile Banking Adoption - Ulun Akturan, Nuray Tezcan

The Impact of the December 2004 Tsunami: An Empirical Investigation of Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Thailand - Shamila A. Jayasuriya

The Metamorphosis of The Russian Luxury Food Consumption in Times of Recession - Nikolai Ostapenko

The relevance of annual shareholders meeting: Evidence from Spain - Josep García Blandón, Mònica Martínez Blasco, Lucinio González Sabaté

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