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An Approach to Talent Management on a Global Scale - Amy Wong, Karin Sixl-Daniell

China and the U.S.: Examining Cultural Differences in the Aerospace & Defense Industry - Collin Zreet, Shawn Stark

Indulgence, Restraint, and Within-Country Diversity: Exploring Entrepreneurial Outcomes with New Constructs - Heidi A. Hicks, Lisa A. Maroni, Rosalie A. Stackpole, Zachary P. Gibson, George M. Puia

Investigating Stock Market Indices of India - Empirical Analysis - Jaspal Singh, Sidharath Seth

The Failure of Uber in the Republic of Korea: Effects of Culture and Foreign Direct Investment on the Taxicab Industry in Seoul - Michael Collin Zreet

The Usage of Failure Modes and Effects Analysis Technique while Process Improvement in Managerial Accounting Courses - Cengiz YILMAZ

U.S. Corporate Tax Reform: The Potential Effects - Danielle Quiggins

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