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2007 Oxford Business & Economics Conference


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Oxford Business & Economics Conference (OBEC)
June 24-26, 2007
St. Hugh’s College
Oxford, UK.

Preface from the Conference Program Chair

The OBEC programme continues to show a healthy mixture of high standards of selectivity coupled with wide participation from our academic community: OBER received 326 papers of which 255 papers were accepted, providing an overall acceptance rate of 78%. All manuscript submitted for the conference went through a double-blind referee process.

Any ABER conference is only as good as the people who take time out of their very busy schedule to help put it all together. As Conference Program Chair, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Joy Grant of Manchester Metropolitan University, our local program coordinator and Alice Pargeter of St Hugh's College for their invaluable work in providing the necessary infrastructure and support for a successful conference. Finally, without your participation this conference would not have been possible. I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

Atul Gupta
Program Chair, OBEC

"A Time Of Consequences" - Global Warming And The Domist Imperative For A New Political Economy

A (Pooled) Test Of The Complementarity Hypothesis In The Case Of Latin America, 1980-2002.pdf

A Bootstrap Test For Causality With Endogenous Lag Length Choice: Theory And Application In Finance

A Business Information Intensity Based Model To Assess Control Risk

A Comparative Study Of The Doctrine Of Corporate Groups With Special Emphasis On Insolvency

A Comparison Of Earnings Per Share Dilution Before And After Sfas No. 128

A Correlation Analysis Of English Language Proficiency And Performance In Content-area Cognitive Skills

A Currency Union Or An Exchange Rate Union: Evidence From Northeast Asia

A Disaggregate Look At Stock Price Behavior In Malaysia And Thailand

A Historical Perspective On The Male-female Wage Differential: Are Women Moving Forward Or Backward?

A Reappraisal Of The Relationship Between Relative Productivity And Price Levels

A Statistical Approach To Integrating Blasting Into The Mining Process

A Study Of The Readership Of Business And Management Journals

Abnormal Returns After Large Stock Price Changes: Evidence From Asia-pacific Markets

Actions Speak Louder Than Words - Organizational Ethics, Success, And Reputation From The Perspective Of Members Of The Institute Of Management Accountants

Addressing Accounting’s ‘Fifth Column’: The Complicity Of Standard Setting Boards In Off-balance Sheet Financing.

An Analysis Of The Internal Capacities Of Regional Exporters In Nsw, Australia.

An Assessment Of The Miller Perceived Environmental Uncertainty Measure In The Egyptian Manufacturing Sector

An Econometric Analysis Of The Determinants Of Takeovers And Mergers For The Uk Real Estate Market

An Empirical Analysis Of Factors Affecting Human Development Index In Developing Countries

An International Examination Of The Impact Of Auditing And Corruption On Earnings Opacity

An Intertemporal Analysis Of Foreign Borrowing For Developing Economies.pdf

Analyzing Indian Policy Holders’ Response To Attributes Of Life Insurance Products

Are Bond Fund Investors Irrational Or Just Too Slow?

Are Workers Better Payed In Foreign-owned Than In Indigeneous Firms? Evidence From Slovenia

Assessing Differences In Behavior Patterns Of Students In Two Countries: An Example Of Two Business Schools

Assessing the Climate for Creativity: Development and Psychometric Analysis of the KEYS Taiwan Version

At The Crossroad: Twin Deficits In The Asian Crisis-affected Countries

Backdating In Management And Employee Stock Option Plans: Measuring The Real Impact On Shareholder Value

Bank Lending And Evaluation Of Borrowers Credit Risk In Latvia.pdf

Behavioral Implications Of Asian Bond And Stock Indices During The 97-98 Crisis

Business Excellence Through 5-S And 6-Sigma

Can Global Politics Catch Up With Global Markets.pdf

Characteristics And Business Profiles Of Immigrant-Owned Small Firms: The Case Of Albanian Immigrant Entrepreneurs In Greece

Cointegration Analysis Of Bovespa And Istanbul Stock Exchanges.pdf

Comparing Apples With….apples: How To Make (More) Sense Of Subjective Rankings Of Constraints To Business

Competitive Pressure For Hong Kong’s Port: Will A New Competition Law Help?

Consistencies Management And Entrepreneurial Success

Convergence Between Turkey and the EU, Pnel Unit Root Test

Corporate Governance Disclosure And The Assessment Of Default Risk

Corporate Governance Quality And Firm Value In Brazil

Cross-country Differences In Capital Structure Determinants Of Multinational Corporations

Cyberscape: The Evolving Nature Of Product Placement In Second Life

Decision-case: Maruti Udyog Financing Strategy

Determinants Of SMEs Perceptions Towards Electronic Banking In Pakistan

Development Of Tourism Management In China: Tourism To Prosper In China Upon Her Further Developing Transportation Infrastructure

Digitization Of Music In The 21st Century

Dismissal And Discrimination: Illegal Workers In England And Australia

E- Research Methods

Economic Development And Immigrant Entrepreneurs: The Case Of Albanian Immigrant Businesses In Greece

Education System As An Important Contributor To Knowledge Society– The Indian Saga

Effective Appraisal Systems: The Impact On Knowledge Sharing In The Lebanese Banking Sector

Effects Of Cash Flows On Share Intrinsic Values

Effects Of Virtual Education On Academic Culture

Emerging Southeast Asian And Taiwanese Multinational Firms And Their Internationalization Strategies

Empirical Trend On Factors That Influence The Institutional Investors Towards Investing In Malaysia Real Estate Investment Trusts: A Preliminary Study

Employment Regulation In Global Industries: The Maritime Case

Environmental Reforms In Hungary Viewed From The Lisbon Strategy

Ethics And Leadership - Imperatives For Organisational Change.

Ethnic Banking: Identifying The Capacity And Future Implications Of The Ethnic Banking Market

Evaluation Of Human Capital - The Stochastic Rewards Valuation Model By Eric G. Flamholtz

Executive Compensation And Firm Performance: Adjustment Dynamics And Asymmetry

Expert Advice, Control, And Hetrogeneous Beliefs.pdf

Explaining Unemployment: Could Culture Be The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle?

External Writer-extendible Options: Pricing And Applications

Faith & Reason: A Synthesis In Our Society

Firm Size And The Information Revolution. Does Information Technology Still Lead To Smaller Firms?

Foreign Exchange Rate Modeling: The Case Of The Pound Sterling Vis-à-vis The Dollar

Global Entrepreneurship: From Russia With Money

Hanga Waina Rohe Aoteroa:Creating New Zealand Wine Terroirs

Harmonic Analysis Of The Real Business Cycles

Hofstede - Culturally Questionable?

How Far Can Domestic Credit Growth Explain Speculative Attacks? Empirical Evidence From Turkey

How SMEs Engage In The Global Economy – Cases From New Zealand

How Sustainable And Irreversible Is The Banking Sector Reform In Egypt?

Human Resource Issues In Global Entrepreneurial High Technology Firms

Indigenous Management In An Ethnic Community: Successful Japanese-brazilian Entrepreneurs In Japan

Innovation And Performance In China’s Large- And Medium-size Industrial Enterprises

Inter-state Banking In The Eu And The U.s.: Similarities, Differences And Policy Lessons

International Conflict And Trade Relationship

International International Migrants Perception Of Contemporary Issues In Migration: A Study Of The Nigeria Diaspora

Investigating The Relationship Between Knowledge Sharing Behavior And Team Innovation Climate

Is My Superior A Manager Or A Leader?

Katherine Toland Frith, James Chen, Malcolm Chung.doc

Linking Quality And Strategy In Not-For-Profit Organisations: The Case Of BUMED

Managerial Entrenchment And CEO Compensation In Australia.pdf

Managing Change In Hungarian Higher Education: Key Risks And Their Handling

Mark G. Simkin, Stephen Kerr, Richard Mason.doc

Market Timing And Fund Selection Behaviour In A Developing Country’s Fund Industry: Thailand’s Equity Fund Case.

Measuring Sponsorship Effects On Consumer Purchasing Intentions

MizBiz: A Reflection

Modelling The Impact Of Automatic Fiscal Stabilisers On Output Stabilisation: The Case Of South Africa Versus Other Developing Countries

Narrative: An Alternative Way to Gain Consumer Insights

Nested Game Theory And The Analysis Of Complex Financial Events: A Clinical Study Of The Rjr Nabisco Merger/Takeover

New Insights For Trade Policy From Simple Economic Models

Overconfidence, Managerial Optimism And The Determinants Of Capital Structure

Planning And Evaluation Of The Sustainability Of An Agricultural Farm Unit: A Methodological Proposal

Playing It Rough; The Training Compensation Problem Of Professional Ice Hockey And The Attempts Of The Russian Federation To Play The Market.

Post-privatization Corporate Governance: Comparison Of Evolution Patterns In Western And Ce Europe

Poverty Alleviation And Strategic Management: A Research Agenda

Predicting Satisfaction With Weekend And Shift Work Schedules

Pricing Efficiency Of The 3-month Klibor Futures Contracts, An Empirical Analysis.pdf

Privatization Of Higher Education In Malaysia

Propensity To Bargain In Marketing Exchange Situations: A Comparative Study In The United Arab Emirates

Quality Of Teaching Surveys And The Course Evaluation Questionnaire; How Do Subject Surveys Relate To Course Results In Australian Universities

Reach Out And Touch: Global Knowledge At Your Fingertips

Reconciling Sales Promotion And Corporate Social Responsibility In The Beer Industry In France

Regressivity Of The Value Added Tax In Lebanon

Regulatory Burdens And International Income Performance

Relationship Management Or New Managerialism: The Relevance To The Entrepreneurial University

Relationship Marketing – An Overview And Summary Of Research, 1987-2005

Researching The Gap In Small And Medium Enterprise Competitor Study Practices.pdf

Rizvana Zameeruddin.doc

Service Quality Measurement: An Empirical Investigation And A Critical Evaluation

Sexually Transmitted Debt: The Practice Of Banks Taking Third-party Security From Wives. Critique Of The Legal Responses And Suggestions For Further Research & Reform

Simulation-based Decision Support System For An Uncertain Supply Chain: Case Study Of A Dairy Firm

Skills And Competencies For The Next Decade: An Examination Of Business Leader’s Views In The United Arab Emirates

Software And Information Technology Enabled Services (Ites) Industry In India: The Making Of Competitiveness

SOLIDERE: A Lebanese Model of Surviving Country Instability

Some Contemporary Ethical Issues Concerning Adam Smith’s “The Wealth Of Nations”

Strategic Decision Making Practices And Organization Performance: A Conceptual Perspective Of Malaysian Organizations

Strategic Development Of Service Orientated Architecture In Supply Chain Networks

Student Choice In The Australian Tertiary Education Environment

Student Engagement In Economics: An Integrated Solution

Sustaining The Success Of The New Zealand Wine Industry

Teaching Business Ethics Online: Integrating Technology and Theory.

Teaching Economics In Area Studies: Challenges And Responses

Telecommunication Pricing Tactics And Strategies – A Practitioner’s Perspective For Innovators And Disruptors

Testing For Non-linearity In Balancing Item Of Balance Of Payments Accounts: The Case Of 20 Industrial Countries

The Need For Value Education In Business Today

The Brazilian Dodge Or How The New Contractual Stability Rules Help Teams And Players Get Around The New Fifa International Transfer Rules And The Bosman Test Of The Ecj.

The Case Of Global Business And Terror

The Economic Paradox Of The Freebies Phenomena: How And Why Companies Give Stuff Away For Free

The Economics Of Organic And Conventional Cotton Cultivation In Mali: Country And Farmers Analysis

The Entrepreneurship-growth Relationship Re-examined: Does Governance And The Quality Of Financial Institutions Impact Entrepreneurial Activity?

The European Union’s Lisbon Strategy On ‘Competitive Economies’ And The Implications For Development Policy

The Fiscalization Of Land Use: The Role Of Revenue Raising Instruments To Finance Public Infrastructure

The Impact Of Outcome-based Teaching And Learning: A Case Study In Hong Kong (China)

The Impact Of Time On Franchise Contracts

The Implications Of Emergence Of China Towards ASEAN-5: FDI-GDP Perspective

The Liability Of Corporate Agents For Negligent Misstatement: A Critique Of The Decision In Trevor Ivory Ltd V Anderson And Recommendations For Reform In New Zealand

The Liability Of Corporate Agents For The Tort Of Negligent Misstatement: A Critique Of The Decision In Trevor Ivory Ltd V Anderson And Recommendations For Reform

The Multiplicative Impact Of Total Quality Management On The Bottom Line

The Prime-requisite Roles Of Managers In Modern Organizations

The Regime Of The Executive Stock Options In France

The Relationship Between Corporate Environmental And Financial Performance.pdf

The Significance Of Role Definition And Specifity On Performance-based Compensation: The Case Of Accounting Partnerships

The Use Of Student Journals In Teaching A Course On Conflict Resolution

The Value Relevance Of Economic Value Added And Intellectual Capital

The “Born Global Purchasers”: Internationalisation Through Outsourcing In The Uk Biotechnology Sector

Towards Perfect Organization; Creating Position Excellence Models Using Metaprograms

Trade Liberalization And Income Distribution.pdf

Understanding The Mindset Of Administrators Of Higher Learning Institutions In Malaysia– A Pilot Study

UPPING THE ANTE: "Corporate Governance" as Core Curriculum

Used Car: What’s The Use? A Philippine Experience Of Surplus Vehicles

Using A Claim For Interference With Contractual Relations As A Means Of Retaining Customers: How Effective Is It And What Are The Risks?

Using The Binomial Distribution To Analyze Analysts’ Opinions

Validating The Effectiveness Of The Training In Practice

Who Should Export? A Study Of Small- And Medium-sized High-tech Enterprises

Why Does Growing Up In An Intact Family During Childhood Lead To Higher Earnings During Adulthood?

Why Politicians Are A Threat To Job Creation: The Case Of Slovenia

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