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Oxford Business & Economics Conference (OBEC)
June 22-24, 2008
St. Hugh’s College
Oxford, UK.

Preface from the Conference Program Chair

The OBEC program continues to show a healthy mixture of high standards of selectivity coupled with wide participation from our academic community: OBER received 296 papers of which 225 papers were accepted, providing an overall acceptance rate of 76%. All manuscript submitted for the conference went through a double-blind referee process.

Any ABER conference is only as good as the people who take time out of their very busy schedule to help put it all together. As Conference Program Chair, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Joy Grant of Manchester Metropolitan University, our local program coordinator and, Alice Pargeter and Sarah Cooper of St Hugh's College for their invaluable work in providing the necessary infrastructure and support for a successful conference. Finally, without your participation this conference would not have been possible. I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to you.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you

Atul Gupta
Program Chair, OBEC

A Biographical Portrait Of Private Sector Professional Managerial Women In Pakistan

A Case Study On The Franchising Of Oriental Optics Company, Shanghai, China

A Comparative Analysis Of Wal marts Strategy In The United States And China

A Comparison Of Values Of Turkish And American University Students

A Location-Production Model In Heterogeneous Space

A Mine Planning Model Using A Modified Greedy Algorithm

A Proposed Tutorial Change For The Role Of Journal Entries In The Pedagogy Of Financial Accounting

A Suggested Mortgage System Model For Egypt

A Very British Vanity - A Preliminary Investigation Of Offers For Sale In The Uk Automobile License Plate Market

An Empirical Comparison Of Gender Differences In Labor Market Experience Measures

An Exploration Of The Road Traffic Congestion And Supply Chain Performance

An Investigation Of Framing Effects On Preferences For The Income Tax System

An Investment-aid Framework For Management

Antecedents Of Customer Loyalty In An E-commerce Setting: An Empirical Study

Approaches to Measurement of Brand Equity

Are Family Friendly Policies That Friendly? A Look At The Impact Of Maternity And Parental Leaves On The Status Of Women At Work

Are There Prospects For Future Economic Integration , Among Muslim Countries Evidence From Selected Oic Countries

Asian Currency Crisis-Adding Trigger To Vulnerability

Assessing The Contribution Of Asset Allocation To Performance Of Mutual Funds In Mauritius

Austrian-Turkish Business Relations - Why Way Behind CEE-Level

Bank Lending, Real Estate Bubbles And Basel II

Beyond The Brundtland Report: Founding Principles For International Business And Global Economics In The 21st Century And Beyond

Business Strategy And Performance Of Manufacturing Firms In Thailand

Characteristics And Business Profiles Of Immigrant-Owned Small Firms - The Case Of African Immigrant Entrepreneurs In Greece

Conceptual Design Of A Higher Education Institution From Point Zero - Ozyegin University Academic Design And Development Process

Consumer Attractiveness Towards Green Products Of Fmcg Sector - An Empirical Study

Credit Spread Forecasting Using Higher Order Cumulants

Cross-Border Brand Name Medicine Price Differences

Customer Relationship Management: Are Companies Getting Divorced From Reality

Customers Perception Of Online Banking In Qatar

Developing Electronic Commerce Applications For The Global Market Based On Usable Business Models

Do Public Information Variables Explain The Long-Term Returns Performance Of New Economy Seasoned Equity Offers Evidence from Australia

Do Random Series Exist

Does A Good Performance In Progressive Assessment Necessarily Lead To A Similar Outcome In Final Exam

E-mentoring: Improving Mentoring To Reduce Expatriate Failure

Entreprise Strategies Contributing To The Success Of Malaysian Biotechnology Smes

Environmental Accounting In Developing Countries - The Lebanese Case

Ethical Codes In The Context Of A Natural Ethical Experiment - Implications For Effectiveness, Pressures, And Satisfaction

Evaluating Components Of A Multi-Source Output

Evolution Of Maintenance Training For The Phalanx Mark 15 Close-In Weapons System

Exploring The Global Community Of Scholars - Lessons For Business And Economics

Exploring The Impact Of Gender On The Linkages Between Fundamental Moral Orientations And Outcome Orientations - An Empirical Study Of The Hotel Industry In Turkey

Exponential Smoothing For Production Control And Error Adjustment

Female Labour Force Participation In Nigeria - Determinants And Trends

Flat Or Not-world Economies, Here Comes Business.

Gender Based Faculty Development Model For Higher Education

Gender Development Consequences Of Business Globalization

Globalization And Labor Markets Of Malaysia, Indonesia And Thailand - An Empirical Investigation

Golden Parachutes And Their Effects On Organizational Financial Decisions

How An Introductory Survey Of Business Course Can Be Used To Teach First Year/Freshman Success Skills And Business Discipline Integration

Impact Of Information Technology On Organizational Performance - A Comparative Quantitative Analysis Of Pakistan's Banking And Manufacturing Sectors.

Implication Of The Reform Of Postal Savings System For The Japanese Financial System

Information Leadership In Australian Financial Markets: The Role Of Policy Surprises Of The Reserve Bank Of Australia And The Us Fed

Internationalization Of The U.s. Financial Reporting System: Prerequisites And Implications

Land Installment Contracts - Legislative Swing In Seller's Favor Is A Necessity In Today's Declining Housing Market

Lean 5-S Business Model For Global Sustainability & Economic Development

Learning To See What's Next - Helping Students Develop Their Ability To Predict Industry Change Through Enhanced Depth Of Field And Peripheral Vision

Marketing Characteristics Of Project Management As A Service In Egypt- Buyers Perspective

Measurement Of Human Capital - The Opportunity Cost Based Approach By James S. Hekimian And Curtis H. Jones

Monthly Anomalies On The Mauritian Equity Market: Evidence From Garch Models

Nutmeg - The Tradition Of The Spice Isle And Strategic Management - A Match Or A Misfit

Organizational Structure And Cross-cultural Management - The Case Of Credit Suisse s Project Copernicus In Singapore

Performance Management And Execution-Strategically Providing Effective Feedback Through Ongoing Appraisal Systems

Popular Culture Economics Books And Their Applicability To In-house Classroom Use

Population And Migration Nexus-Evidence From Communities Of Varying Population Densities In South East Nigeria

Predicting The Effectiveness Of Product Placement: A Study On The Execution Strategy And Impacts On Hierarch Of Effects

Regulation, Disclosure, And Analyst S Bias Assessment - Implications Of Us And Canadian Practices

Relationships in the cut flower supply network: New South Wales case study

Remittances And Poverty Nexus: Evidence From Pakistan

Rising Economic Inequality And Class Divisions In America - From A Mass To A Class Market

Running Head - Replacing The Baby Boomer In The 21st Century

Ranking The Future Global Manager Characteristics And Knowledge Requirements According To The Uae Business Managers Opinions?

Small Egyptian Construction Firms-The Financing Barrier

Sochi, Russia, 2014: What Should You Ask The Golden Fish For? Nation Branding Through The Olympics

State-owned Financial Institutions - Do They Make It Or Break It

Strategic And Operational Drivers In Emerging Business Models-New Perspectives For The Economics Of Production

Taxation Of Internet Sales - A Path Through The Nexus Quandary

Testing For Stationarity In Inflation Rates - A Re-examination Of The Evidence From 13 Oecd Countries

The Changing Public Reports By Management And The Auditors Of Publicly Held Corporations-A Comparitive Study Of Two Different Manufacturing Industries With International Implications

The Development Record And The Effectiveness Of Foreign Aid - Update

The Dimensions Of Key Account Management In Taiwan It Industry - Viewpoints Of Supplier And Its Key Account

The Dual Technique Model Within Case Study Approaches To Cross-Cultural Management Research In China

The Economics Of The Fashion Industry In Latin America: A Comparative Analysis

The Effect Of Non-Accounting Information On Equity Valuation Model

The Effect Of Sovereign Credit Rating Announcements On Emerging Bond And Stock Markets: New Evidences

The Employee Buy Out-Case Of Tata Tea

The Enterprise Solution To Integrating Blasting Into The Mining Process

The Financial And Intermediary Services Act As Means To Reduction Of The Expectation Gap In The Personal Financial Service Industry In South Africa

The Goby Fish Syndromeb - Do Women Starve Themselves To Avoid Conflict

The Impact Of Foreign Investment Flows On Croatian Economy - A Comparative Analysis

The Impact Of Health On Labour Supply Over The Life Cycle

The Impact Of Internet-Banking On Bank Profitability-The Case Of Turkey

The Impact Of The North American Free Trade Agreement On Commercial Banking, Revisited

The Implementation Of Instructional Teaching Model 5 E (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate): A Classroom Action Research Study At Organization Behavior Course In Economics Department, Jakarta State University

The Negative Impact Of Reducing The Gender Gap

The Responsibility And Independence Of Shariah Supervisory Board Of Indonesian And Pakistani Islamic Bank A Comparison

The Survival Of Initial Public Offerings In Australia

Tsunami Engulfs Sri Lankan Governance

Understanding The Effects Of Erp Software Technology Success Factors On Distinguishing Operational Performance Improvement Level

Understanding The Processes Of International Trade At The Individual Level: An Alternative Methodology For Conducting Research Into Exporters

Using Economic-Financial Ratios For Small Enterprise Default Prediction Modeling-An Empirical Analysis

Value Education In A Materialistic Market - Oriented Society

What Determines The Research Output Of Australian Universities?

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