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A Cornerstone Of China’s Participation In World Markets: The Legal And Regulatory Environment Of Foreign Direct Investment And Trade - Richard J. Hunter

A Critique Of Porter’s Cost Leadership And Differentiation Strategies - Michael Porter, Y. Datta, Emeritus

A Data Envelopment Analysis Of Financial Institutions In Botswana - Boitumelo Moffat, Abbas Valadkhani

A Study Of Healthcare Employees' Opinions About Stress Patterns In The UAE - Belal Barhem, Hassan Younies

Accounting For Supermajorities: The Role Of Control In Promoting Yet Another Type Of Off Balance Sheet Financing - Mark Hughes, Simon Hoy

Aesthetic Considerations For Pharmaceutical OTC (Over The Counter) Products - Aarti T. More, R.K. Srivastava

Analysis Of Tourist Behaviors: A Conceptual Framework Based On Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions - Lalita A. Manrai, Ajay K. Manrai

An Assessment Of Accreditation Performance Of Nigerian Private Universities - Peter U. Okorie

Are Banks In Egypt Catalysts For Economic Development? - Sahar Nasr

Australian Property Investment Advice: An Unregulated Industry And The Need For Better Consumer Protection Laws - Lang Thai

Australia’s Global Trade Potential: Evidence From The Gravity Model Analysis - Mohammad Mafizur Rahman

Beyond The Three Factor Theory: Using Behavior Theory To Analyze And Prevent Fraud - Walter O. Baggett

Board Interlocking In Brazil: Directors’ Participation In Multiple Companies And Its Effect On Firm Value - Rafael Liza Santos, Alexandre Di Miceli da Silveira, Lucas Ayres B. de C. Barros

Business And Social Profiles Of Immigrant-Owned Small Firms: The Case Of Pakistani Immigrant Entrepreneurs In Greece - Daphne Halkias, Nicholas Harkiolakis, Shehla Ariffen, Sylva Caracatsanis, Patrick Dimitris Akrivos

Causality Testing Using Higher Order Statistics - Sanya Dudukovic

Climbing The Ivory Tower: Are Faculty Mentoring Programs The Key To The Kingdom? - Teresa L. Smith, Jean-Luc Grosso

Collateralization Of Assets, Over-Extension Of Credit, And Free Trade: An Empirical Analysis In Search Of Justice And An Expanding Middle Class - John Charalambakis, David Coulliette, Ken Rietz

Consumer Expectations And Disillusions: The Case Of Russia - Nikolai Ostapenko

Contemporary Chinese Consumers: A New Look At The Rate Of Adoption And Life Cycle Hypotheses - Thomas Irby Kindel

Determinants Of Cross-Border Financial Capital Flows In East Asia: The Case Of Korea - Tae-Joon Kim, Jai-Won Ryou

Do Instructional Attributes Pose Serious Multicollinearity Problem? Unraveling The Myth Using Australian Experience - Mohammad Alauddin, Hong Son Nghiem

Does Monitoring Induce Managers To Underprice Stocks In IPOs? - Suherman

Domestic And Global Impacts On Australian Manufacturing Prices: - Ken Coutts, Neville Norman

Economic Downturn: Leaders Are Integral To Survival - Sheron Morgan, Phillip Paker

Establishing A Market For Securitized Ldc Debt: Feasibility And Viability - Roger C. Clark, George C. Philippatos, David J. Moore

Ethics – Are Business Schools The Source Or Solution Of Ethics Education Problems? The Process Of Formulating And Adopting Separate Faculty And Student Codes Of Ethics - Gregory M. Huckabee, Ann M. Johnson

Explaining The Global Crisis; Did The Holy See See It Coming? - Jean-Luc Grosso, Teresa L. Smith

Exporting Expertise: Singapore's Gambits In The Middle East - Caroline YEOH,Wilfred HOW Pow Ngee

Factors Affecting Financial Advisor’s Perception In Portfolio Management: With Reference To Pakistan - Ahmad Kaleem, Rana Abdul Wajid, Hassan Sagheer Hussain

Financial Innovation And Taxes: The Case Of Exchange Traded Notes - Suneel Udpa

Gender Analysis Of Rural-Urban Migration In Imo State Nigeria - Augustine Ejiogu

Human Capital Investment And Economic Development In Nigeria: The Role Of Education And Health - Lawanson Olukemi I.

“Human” Side Of Change: A Conceptual Model - Meral Dulger

Increasing The Desirability Of Sunday Work - James E. Martin, Jenell L. S. Wittmer

Interacting Between Logistics And New Product Development To Achieve Company Market Success. Evidence From Business Aviation Industry: Piaggio Aero Company Case Study. - Mario Mustilli, Filomena Izzo

International Project Management: Strategy And Organisational Design - John Saee

Learning Models And Stock Valuation: Evidence From The Stock Exchange Of Mauritius - Sawkut Rojid, Subadar Agathee Ushad, Sooraj Fowdar, Sannassee Raja Vinesh, Mrs Shamina Kadar

Leverage Effects In The Mauritian's Stock Market - Ushad Subadar Agathee

Macroeconomic And Non-Macroeconomic Variables Link To Singapore Hotel Stock Returns - Leong Choon Chiang, Hui Tak Kee

Making Strategic Networks Pluralistic Neighborhoods - Muhammad Zafar Yaqub

Making Triple Bottom Line Reporting Comparable: Adoption Of The Gri G3 Framework - W. Richard Sherman

Management Education & Corporate Governance:a Case Of India And Pakistan - M. Mahmood Shah Khan, Nandita Sethi

Managing Risks In Programmes Of Business Change - Puneet Dixit

Market Analysis Of Currently Available Prescription Drugs - Jian Zhang, Salah U. Ahmed

Marketing Theory And Practice: The Reconstruction Of Knowledge In The Workplace - Susan Scoffield

Mean Reversion Of Unemployment Rates: Evidence For Colombia Using Regional Data - Juan Carlos Guataqui, Jesus Otero

Mediating Effect Of Information Satisfaction On College Choice - Nurlida Ismail

Modeling Causative Factors Of Organizational Commitment In Consumer Bank's Employees - Sumaira Hamid, Samia Murad

New Evidence About Regional Income Divergence In China - Lau Chi-Keung, Marco

Organizational Justice: A Bibliometric Analysis Of 30 Years Of Research - James P. Johnson

Participation Of West African Migrants In Enterprises In Lagos State, Nigeria - Chinedum Nwajiuba, Christian Uwadoka, Robert Onyeneke

Poland, The European Union, And The Euro: Poland’s Long Journey To Full European Integration - Richard J. Hunter, Leo V. Ryan

Preferences, Perceptions, And Parameters: What’s Really Important To Students When Selecting An English Language-Based Higher Education Institution - Ronald L. Decker, Todd J. Hostager

Relation Of Corporate Strategy With Maximizese Share-Holder’s Wealth Observes 20 Bank Whith The Highest Assets 1998 – 2005 In Indonesia - Hamidah

Segmenting The Culinary Tourist Market: An American And Australian Comparison - Rhonda Mack, Julia Blose, Tanya MacLaurin

Self-Assessment Tax System And Compliance Complexities: Tax Practitioners’ Perspectives - Ming-Ling Lai, Kwai-Fatt Choong

Social Balance As A Model Of Reporting Accounts Of The Italian Chamber Of Commerce - Ubaldo Comite

Social Reproduction Or Social Transformation: The Mediating Role Of Higher Education In Facilitating Female Entrepreneurship - Diane Wright

Strategic Options And Planning In Education Industry Does Income Balance The Outcome? - Saba Rana

Sustainability Management Control Systems. Towards A Socially Responsible Planning And Control Framework - Erika Cresti

Team Teaching With A Twist: Students And Professors Using Technology To Create A Collaborative Learning Environment - Sheryl S. Grosso

Technical Analysis: A Trading Strategy Based On Callable Bull And Bear Contracts In A Highly Fluctuating Market - Tsz-Kin Kwok, Alan T. K. Wan

Testing The Law Of One Price In Food Markets:Evidence For Colombia Using Disaggregated Data - Ana Maria Iregui, Jesus Otero

“The Automotive Industry In Central And Eastern Europe – Engine Of Grow Or Free Rider?” - Peter Haiss, Bernhard Mahlberg, Mike Molling

The Business Cycle, Structural And Technological: The Impact On Labour Skills In Australia - Ross Kelly, Philip Lewis

The Effects Of Ceo Ownership And Corporate Governance On Executive Compensation Contracts - Mei-Lun Lin, Chung-Jen Fu

The Emergence Of Sovereign Wealth Funds As Contributors Of Foreign Direct Investment - Ruth Rios-Morales, Louis Brennan

The Emerging Bric Economies: Evidence From The Interest Rate Transmission Mechanism - Stelios Karagiannis, Yannis Panagopoulos, Prodromos Vlamis

The Evaluation Of Social Welfare For Payment Methods - Allan Shampine

The Evolution Of The Placement The Application To The Cultural Product - Ferri Maria Antonella, Aiello Lucia

The Far-From-Elusive Quest For Growth: Economic Performance In Developing Countries, 1996-2008 - Michael Crosswell

The Impact Of Culture On Human Resource Management Practices: An Empirical Research Finding In Indonesia - Suharnomo

The Influences Of Face Oriented Brand Values And Attitudes On The Consumption Of Luxury Brands: A Study Of The Chinese Female Consumers In Hong Kong And Mainland China - Stella So Lai-man, Susanna Kwok Wai-yee

The Management Of Subsidiaries In Emerging Malaysian Multinational Enterprises - A. B. Sim

The Perception Of Power By Asian Women At Senior Management Level: A Case In A Malaysian Private Higher Education Institution - Ong Pooi Fong

The Significance Of Mentoring And Its Repercussions On The Advancement Of Professional, Managerial Women In Pakistan. - Shehla Riza Arifeen

The Use Of Principal Component Analysis To Integrate Blasting Into The Mining Process - David P. Lilly, John Cory, Bill Hissem

Understanding The Way The Poor Shop For Food: An Exploratory Study - Garcia, Camila, Hor-Meyll, Luis F.

Uni-Economic: Sam-Marco Sunspot Financial Indices (SMSFI) Model - Samuel K M Ho, Marco Lau Chi Keung

Unpurchased Goodwill Method - An Approach To Measure Human Capital - Daniel Streich

Using Artificial Neural Networks Analysis For Small Enterprise Default Prediction Modeling: Statistical Evidence From Italian Firms - Carlo Vallini, Francesco Ciampi, Niccolo Gordini

Welfare Dynamics Based On A New Concept Of Inefficient Equilibrium - Monowaruz Zaman

What Are The Costs Of Conflicts Between Controlling And Minority Shareholders In A Concentrated Ownership Environment? - Alexandre Di Miceli da Silveira, Armando Lopes Dias Junior

Women’s Education And Household Food Security: Analysis Of Survey Results From Southwestern Nigeria - Risikat Oladoyin S. Dauda

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