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A General Framework for Estimating Global Co2 Emissions - Inmaculada Martínez-Zarzoso

Affordable Mortgage Finance In Egypt: Challenges And Prospects - Sahar Nasr

Alert Communication Theory and its Application in Social Marketing Campaign for Traffic Orderliness in Indonesia - Usep Suhud

An Alternative Marginal Utility Growth Proxy for Use in Asset Pricing Models - David J. Moore, George C. Philippatos

An Economic Analysis of Sports Agents for the NBA - John Leonard, Joseph Prinzinger

Analysis of Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction, and its Influence on Customer Loyalty - Mohamad Rizan

Analyzes The Change of Income Tax Art 21/2008 About Personal Tax Planning In One of Indonesian State Owned Company (Pt “X” Persero) - Dian Citra Aruna, Tria Dessy Putri

Application of Agency Theory to Collaborative Supply Chains - Peter Gibson, Lena Plambeck

Applied of Corporate Financial Risk Model as CSR on Indonesia Stock Exchange (BEI) - Afdal Mazni, Ishak Ramli

Are Business Approaches to International Development Cost-Effective? A Cross-Country Analysis - James T. Riordan

Are External Shocks Permanent or Transitory? An Analysis of Visitor Arrivals to Thailand - Ali Salman Saleh, Reetu Verma, Ranjith Ihalanayake

Are Public and Foreign Capital Productive in the Argentine Case? A Cointegration Analysis (JEL Categories: O10, O50) - Miguel D. Ramirez

Are There Any 'Bright' Spots And 'Hot' Spots Of Rice Water Productivity In Bangladesh? A Spatio-Temporal Analysis Of District-Level Data - Mohammad Alauddin, Upali A. Amarasinghe, Bharat R. Sharma

Attitudes toward Counterproductive Behavior in Business and Corporate social Responsibility: A Developing Country Context - Janine Saba Zakka

Benchmarking Study SCM Syllabi: Focus on Operations Courses - Laura Birou, Heather Lutz

Bharatmatrimony.com (Tradition And Technology Are A Perfect Match For Matchmaking) - Rakesh Gupta, Ajay Pandit

Capital Control and Stock Market Integration - Bakri Abdul Karim, M. Shabri Abd. Majid, Abu Hassan Md. Isa, Mohamad Jais

Celebrating Recession in Style: The Mainstreaming of attitudes toward Luxury Consumption in The Balkans and European Russia - Melika Husic, Sarjevo, Nikolai Ostapenko

Cloud Computing: IT Change or Management Revolution? - Alberto M. Bento, Regina Bento

Corporate Demand Analysis for Takaful and Conventional Insurance in Malaysia - Mohamad Abdul Hamid, Noor Inayah Yaakob

Corporate social responsibility reporting in six Malaysian financial institutions - Sabarudin Zakaria, Norhanim Dewa

Critical Success Factors (CSFs) of TQM : A literature review & Analysis - U.C Jha, Sunand Kumar

Determinants of Defined-Contribution Japanese Corporate Pension - Kazuo Yoshida, Yutaka Horiba

Dynamic Cost-based Dairy Pricing System:A Solution For Hawaii's Dairy Industry? - Mana Southichack

Dysfunctional Market Definition In Antitrust Analysis - Neville Norman, Rhonda Smith

Economic Growth and Social Development: A Puzzle - Rukhsana Kalim, Mohammad Shahbaz

Effects of Alcohol usage in Wigton Estate – Sri Lanka: Internal customer care - Pradeep Randiwela, Surani Fernando, Menoji Karunarathne, Anne Arnold, Nihan Weerakoon, Dilan Perera

Effects Of Climate On The Agriculture Of Sub-saharan Africa: Lessons From Southeast Rainforest Zone Of Nigeria - Chinedum Nwajiuba, Robert Onyeneke

Empirical Evidence on Regulatory Burdens and International Income Performance - Enedina Licerio, Thomas M. Fullerton, Don P. Clark

European SMEs: Explaining levels of innovativeness - Hans Ruediger Kaufmann, Haritini Tsangari

Evaluating MBA Programs In Islamic Banking and Finance: A Performance-Importance Analysis - Rahmatina A. Kasri

Experts versus Audience’s Opinions: Power at the Box-office - Lee Yoong Hon

Exploring Learning Satisfaction From Experiential Projects - Aakash Taneja, Gurprit Chhatwal, Marilyn E. Vito

Governance, Development and Foreign Aid Policy - Michael Crosswell

Has Comesa Been Growth-inducive? A Dynamic Panel Data Analysis - Boopen Seetanaha, Rojid Sawkut

Hedge funds strategies-are they consistent? - Mafalda M. Ribeiro, C. Machado-Santos

History, Progress and Future Challenge of Islamic Insurance (Takaful) In Malaysia - Jacky Lim, Muhammad Fahmi Idris, Yura Carissa

Impact of Inter-Organizational Relational Mechanism on Firm Performance: Some Exploratory Findings in Australian Agri-Food Industry Supply Chain - Nazrul Islam, Mohammad Nasir Uddin, Mohammed Quaddus

Impact of Virtualization and Separation Kernels on Co-Hosted Systems - Ana F. Bento

Is Blash Possible In Hedge Funds? An Aproach To Seasonality - Mafalda M. Ribeiro, C. Machado-Santos

It Wasn't Raining When Noah Built the Ark: Negotiation Planning Builds Negotiation Success - Teresa L. Smith, Jean-Luc E. Grosso

Japanese Foreign Direct Investment to Australia: An Assessment of Current Performance, Causes, and Prospects - Khondaker M. Rahman, Sheikh F. Rahman, Mohamed O. Elsayed

Learning Theories: A Review - Rojid Sawkut, Boopen Seetanaha, Vinesh Sanassee, Matthew Lamport

Management and Social Balance in the Italian Courts Methods and operative proposals - Ubaldo.Comite

Measuring Of Financial Performance In Conditions Of Transition To International Financial Reporting Standards (Ias/Ifrs) In Czech Republic - Dana Kubickova

Mintzberg’s Strategy Continuum: Philosophic and Theoretical Underpinnings - Naveed Yazdani

Organizational Intention to Use Forensic Accounting Services for Fraud Detection and Prevention by Large Malaysian Companies - Gunasegaran Muthusamy, Mohammed Quaddus, Robert Evans

Overweight Stigma and Incentive Pay - Regina F. Bento, Lourdes F. White

Podcasts, Wikis, and Blogs: Follow the Example of Hercules and Capture Cerberus to Achieve Successful Collaborative Learning - Sheryl S. Grosso, Jean-Luc E. Grosso, Teresa L. Smith

Problems and Prospects for Marketing of Rural Products: An Empirical Study of Tribal Region of Rajasthan (India) - kartik Dave, Karunesh Saxena

Public Policies, Productivity and Labour Market Participation - Samir Amine

Reduction of Blasting Related Mining Process Variability - Dave Lilly, Baron Fidler, Larry Mirabelli, Ran Tamir, John Cory, Bill Hissem

Relative Energy Price And Firm-level Investment In Europe - Ronald A. Ratti, Youn Seol, Kyung Hwan Yoona

Returns And Leverage - Roberta Adami, Orla Gough, Gulnur Muradoglu, Sheeja Sivaprasad

Revisiting Systemic Risk in the Modern Global Economy - George C. Philippatos, Roger W. Clark

Role of Human Capital in Economic Development: An Empirical Study of Nigerian Case - Risikat Oladoyin S. Dauda

Should Funds Invest in Socially Responsible Investments during Downturns? - Richard I. Copp, Michael L. Kremmer, Eduardo Roca

Skepticism towards Product Placement: a Study on the Effectiveness of the Product Placement Execution - Stella So Lai-man, Susanna Kwok Wai-yee

Spectral Analysis of GDP Shocks in US and BRIC Counties - Sanja Dudukovic

Sponsorship receiver facing crisis – is the sponsor affected? Evidence from sports sponsorship - Anastasios E. Theofilou

Strategic Ambiguity And Ethical Actions - A. B. Sim, Mario Fernando

Sustainability Strategies in Universities: Developing a Conceptual Framework - Alison Wall, Laura Birou, Jerry L. Wall

The Effect of Corporate Finance and Risk Management on Financial Distress - Ishak Ramli

The Evolution of Target Areas of MicroFinance Institution through the past Decades - Kamir Kothari, Devanik Saha

The Fable Paradigm of the Gender Pay Gap: Evidence from Portuguese Private Firms - Carlos Manuel Coelho Duarte, José P. Esperança, José D. Curto, Maria C. Santos, Maria Carapeto

The Identification of a Performance Indicator for Construction Sector: The Case of the Province of Cuneo - Giuseppe Tardivo, Milena Viassone

The Impact of Entrepreneurs’ Personal Wealth Allocations in Determining Their Firms’ Capital Structures - Tianning Li

The impact of the Annual General Meetings in stock returns, volatilities and traded volumes: the case of Spanish stock market small capitalization companies 2002-2009 - Josep García Blandón, Mònica Martínez Blasco, Stefan Ivanovic

The Low-Income Rural Producer: The Interdependence Between Decisions Of Consumption And Production - Anamaria Giglio Ratton, Paulo Cesar Motta

The Managerialization of Italian Ministries: an explorative analysis - Raffaele Adinolfi, Antonio Botti, Massimiliano Vesci

The Micro Business Enterprise of Orang Asli Aborigines in Pahang, Malaysia - Abu Bakar Sedek Abdul Jamak, Razol Mahari, Rohani Salleh, Azrai Abdullah

The Relationship between Corporate Social Responsibility and Earnings Response Coefficient: Evidence from Indonesian Stock Exchange - Tri Hesti Utaminingtyas, Ahalik

The Relationship Between Market Sentiment Index And Stock Rates Of Return: A Panel Data Analysis - Francisco Henrique Figueiredo de Castro Junior, Claudia Emiko Yoshinaga, José Roberto Securato

The Role of Private Corporations:And the Impact of Recidivism Among People of Color - Diamond, Leneva Peaches

The Role Of Transport Costs, Tariffs And The Real Exchange Rate In Chile’s Export Trade With The Eu: An Augmented Gravity Model Approach - Nowak-Lehmann D., Dierk Herzer, Sebastian Vollmer

The US Housing Market Helps Tame the Celtic Tiger - oxford2010paperbuchanangallagher

TOPIC: The Effects of Investment in Telecommunication Infrastructure on Economic Growth in Nigeria (1992-2007) - K.O Osotimehin, E.Y AKINKOYE, O.O Olasanmi

Tracking and Evaluating the Impact of Large Scale Change Initiatives: A Proposed Approach based on the Application of Balanced Scorecard Framework - Payyazhi Jayashree, Syed Jamal Hussain

Training: a Cost or an Investment? Depends upon the Way You Go! - Zafar Saeed

Waiting for the Next Edison to Rescue the Global Economy - A Look at Economic Crises Through Economic History - Jean-Luc Grosso, Teresa Smith, Sheryl Grosso

Working Capital Structure and Financing Pattern of Mauritian SMEs - Kesseven Padachi, C. Howorth, M. S. Narasimhan, R. Durbarry

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