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2011 Cambridge Business & Economics Conference

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3D Team Leadership-Leadership Model for middle Level Managers - James Thomas Kunnanatt

A Holistic Conceptual Framework for Sustainable Tourism Management in Protected Areas - Sophia Imran, Khorshed Alam, Narelle Beaumont

A Pilot Study for Sustainable Development in Malaysian Higher Education Sector through having Excellent Academic Leaders - Norashfah Hanim Yaakop Yahaya Al-Haj

A Very British Vanity - Continued: Further Investigations into the Pricing of Vehicle Licence Plates in the United Kingdom - Roger Collins

Accounting for the costs of recruiting and training - Linda Twiname, Helen Samujh, Steven Rae

An Assessment of Business Failures: A Comparative Study Between India and American Family Businesses - John A. Helmuth, Madhukar G. Angur, Anubha Singh

An Exploratory analysis of Management Accounting Practices in Egypt-A Transitional -- Economy Country - Sherine Farouk Abdel Al, John D. McLellan

Analysing and Assessing The Country Branding Process. Perceived Reputation Capital of Italy On The Chinese Market - Vittoria Marino, Giada Mainolfi

Assessing Sustainability in the Travel Trade Industry - Britt Ventriglia, Ruth Rios-Morales

Assessing the Economic Benefits of Transport Expenditure in a VES production function: The case of Mauritius - Boopen Seetanah

Blasting Optimization To Minimize Mining Costs - Dave Lilly, Baron Fidler

Border Region Housing Values - Thomas M. Fullerton, Jr. Emmanuel Villalobos

Changing Role of Executive Soft Skills At Work - Mohammed Parakandi, T. Asokan

China vs. India: Where Should We Invest? Looking For The Answer In TV Viewing Habits - Jean-Luc Grosso, Teresa L. Smith, Sheryl Grosso

Determinants of Access to Credit for Low-Income Population in Brazil from 2002 to 2008 - Isabel Ferraz Musse, Claudia Emiko Yoshinaga, William Eid Junior

Determinants of Operating Efficiency for Lowly and Highly Competitive Banks in Egypt - Hager H. M. Amer, Wael Moustafa, Tarek Eldomiaty

Disposition Effect: An Application to Actively-Managed Funds in Brazil - Eduardo Pozzi Lucchesi, Claudia Emiko Yoshinaga, Francisco Henrique Figueiredo de Castro Junior

Distressed Property Valuation and Optimization of Loan Restructure Terms - David J. Moore, George C. Philippatos

Efficiency Analysis and Volatility Effect of Bangladesh Stock Market - Sharif Hossain, Gazi Salah Uddin

Electronic Retailing of Global Luxury Brands: The Impact On Consumption of Mass Luxury in Russia and China - Nikolai Ostapenko

Establishing A Market For Securitized Ldc Debt: Feasibility and Viability - By Roger W. Clark, George C. Philippatos, David J. Moore

Getting to yes in A Foreign Land: A Cross-Cultural Study of Differences in views of The Negotiation Process and Outcomes - Ronald L. Decker, Todd J. Hostager, Kathryn Ready, Leon Tyler

How Much Do Short-Selling Constraints and Risk Contribute to the Persistence of Momentum Abnormal Returns? Some Recent Evidence - Yu Zhang, George C. Philippatos, Phillip Daves

Impact of Team Empowerment for Team Performance: A Sri Lankan Case Study - Jayawardena, Pathirage.docx

Islamic Finance in The Arab World: Challenges and Prospects - Sahar Nasr

Leadership and Meditation - Arnis Vilks

Locus of Control as Moderator of Relationship between Leadership Behaviors of Principals and their faculty outcomes: A Path-Goal Approach - Riffat un Nisa Awan, Ghazala Noureen

Luxury Generation Gap? A Comparison between Generation X and Y - So Lai Man, Stella

Management Accounting Practices in Egypt - A Transitional Economy Country - Sherine Farouk Abdel Al, John D. McLellan

Managing The Multi-Agent Supply Network: Agents Relationships, Risk, and Collaboration - Abud Natour, Peter Gibson

Market – Driven Strategic Green Marketing Within The New Sustainability Paradigm - Ezgi Merdin

Methodological Considerations in Crisis Management Research: Fictitious Scenarios vs. Real Crises - Anastasios E. Theofilou, Aikaterini Vassilikopoulou, Apostolos Lepetsos

Mismatch between Trust and Interdependence: The Moderating Role of Power Imbalance - Flora Fang Jia, Forrest Zhilin Yang

Model Z-score In Conditions of Transition To International Financial Reporting Standards In Czech Republic - Dana Kubíčková

Modeling The Causal Relationship of Organizational Justice, Job Satisfaction, and Organizational Citizenship Behavior - Fahrudin Js Pareke, Sugeng Susetyo

Negotiate Like the Animals: What Animals Know that Women Need to Learn - Teresa L. Smith, Jean-Luc Grosso, Sheryl Grosso

Planning a New Iron Ore Mine - J.E. Everett

Productivity and Profitability Margin at Farms in Punjab - Muhammad A. Quddus, Mazhar-ul-Haq Baluch

Relationship between Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: Evidence from a sample of Top 100 Mauritian Companies - Lamport M J, Latona M N, Seetanah B, Sannassee R V

Stock Market Volatility Forecasting using Higher Order Cumulants–Evidence from the International Stock Markets - Sanja Dudukovic

Strategic Designs in the Prospect of The Asian Market - A Glocalization Approach - Beryl Y. Chang

Student Reflective Practices - Herbert Rau

Teaching accounting in the new millennium - Wahida Zraa1, Marie Kavanagh, R. Todd Hartle

The Analytical Hierarchy Process (Ahp) Method for Stocks Rank - Agus Zainul Arifin

The branding and value of sport performers: an analysis of the European football - Philippe Villemus, Călin Gurău

The Early Years Adoption of Cost or Revaluation Model for Property, Plant and Equipment in Indonesia - Adam Zakaria

The informational content of Annual General Meetings; the case of Spanish small capitalization companies - Monica Martinez Blasco, Josep Garcia Blandon, Stefan Ivanovic

Towards Better Public Governanace the importance of Proinnovative Public Administration - Anna Czarczyńska

Using Technology to Incorporate the Benefits of Interactive Questioning in Online Lectures - Sheryl Grosso, Jean-Luc Grosso, Teresa L. Smith

Validating GLOBE Scales: A Test in the U.S.A. - Andrew M. Bertsch

Why Industrial Prices Move: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach - Neville R. Norman

Wildfires in California Analysis of the Incident Command System and Firescope - Sheron Morgan, Marian Mosser, Phillip Paker

Working Capital Financing Preferences: The Case of Mauritian Manufacturing SMEs - Kesseven Padachi, C. Howorth, M. S. Narasimhan

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