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2012 Cambridge Business & Economics Conference

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A baseline study on organizational practices and effectiveness of political parties in Pakistan - Bushra Raza

A new approach to Exchange Rate Volatility Forecasting - Sanja Dudukovic

A Simulation Model To Forecast Future Cash-Flows - A Financial Risk Management Tool - Ralf Bernsau, Andreas Vogel, Detlef Seese

America Is The Next Greece! Maybe…Maybe Not! - Wayne Buchanan

An Academic Scorecard for Performance Measurement of Higher Education Institutes - Sadaf Ashraf, M. Kamran Javed

An Overview On The Application of Malaysian Competition Act 2010 In Air Transport Industry - Noradura Hamzah, Safinaz Mohd Hussien, Mahmud Zuhdi Mohd Nor

Austrian Economics and Property Rights: An examination of Locus of Control and demographic factors for expatriate entrepreneurs from the Middle East. - Josh McCarthy, Hannah Steinberg, Shawn M. Carraher, Jacob Millage

Back to Basics: Investing in a Global Network Where Systemic Volatility, Contagion and Knightian Uncertainty Reign - Roger W. Clark, George C. Philippatos

Calendar Effect in Foreign Institutional Investment - N. Anuradha, G. Rajendran

Citius, Altius, Fortius Faster, Higher, Stronger? Corporate Social Responsibility in the Sporting Goods Industry - W. Richard Sherman

Competence Acquisition Through The Lens of Women Managers' Experiences - Norhalimah Idris, Tan Sui Hong, Nur Naha Abu Mansor

Competitiveness Targeting: Automotive Industry in Egypt - Hamza, Randa, Shadwa Zaher

Customer Service In Eastern Europe: Does it matter who is asked - Aaron Martin, Joshua R. Millage, Shawn M. Carraher, Sarah C. Carraher

Declining of Ethical Standard in Higher Education System in India - Kanchan Garg, Kamaljeet Kaur

Disentangle the Effects of Brand Experience (BE) on Trust, Commitment and Resonance: Evidence from Popular Fast Food Chain Restaurants in Malaysia: Using Structural Equation Modelling Approach - Rozita Naina Mohamed, Rosidah Musa

Distinguish Liquidity Trading From Noise Trading: Evidences from Taiwan Stock Market - Wen Chen Lo

Economic Globalization, Wages and Wage Inequality in Tunisia: Evidence from the ARDL Cointegration Approach - Ousama Ben Salha

Employee Participation - Trust and Affective Commitment - Ku-Jun Lin, Yen-Lin Huang

Enhancing Aviation Services for Tourism Development in Sri Lanka - Pradeep Randiwela, Vindana Hewage

Enhancing Quality Brand Of Tourism Products Using New It Application Tools - Ruth Rios Morales, Lucia Aiello, Claudia Cacia

Evaluating The Success of Intranet Usage on Managerial Performance Using Structural Equation Modelling - Norzaidi Mohd Daud, Intan Salwani Mohamed, Noor Aqilah Ahmad Tajedi, Saad Alghanim, Rashid Alhamali

External Debt, Trade and FDI on Economic Growth of Least Developed Countries - Evelyn Wamboye

Factors influencing borrower's behavior and decision making patterns in the success of a micro finance model—A case study on the remote areas of Karachi, Pakistan - Mirza Raza Ali

Factors Influencing Customer Buying Motives; with Special Reference To Sri Lanka Telecom Broadband at Micro Level - Pradeep Randiwela, Tharanga S. Widanachchi

Fair Value Reporting During the Financial Crisis of 2007-2010: Evidence from U.S. Publicly Traded Companies - Sylwia Gornik-Tomaszewski

History and Development of IFRS and AAOIFI and Their Future Challenge - Ines N. Latifah, Chusnul Asfadillah, Raditya Sukmana

Impact Of Empowerment On Work-life Balance And Employee Well-being - Fusun Akdag

Impact of Financial Reforms on the Competitive Scenario in the Indian Banking Sector - Ragini Agrawal

Impact of Microfinance Loan on Poverty Reduction amongst Female Entrepreneurship in Pakistan - Javed Ghulam Hussain, Samia Mahmood

Income And Co2 In China And Malaysia From Environmental Kuznets Curve (ekc) Perspective - Halimahton Binti Borhan, Mizan Bin Hitam, Rozita Naina Mohamed, Mazzini Muda

Intrinsic Factors Affecting the Job Performance of Military Leaders - Landen M. Ellyson, Justin H. Gibson, Michael K. Nichols, Shawn M. Carraher

Leading The Organization: Are General Managers Still Relevant? - Jeffrey A. Krug

Linking Economic Freedom to Economic Growth in India: Empirical Evidences - Falguni Pattanaik, Narayan Chandra Nayak

Macroeconomic Origins of the World Financial Crisis - Lepeshkina Ksenia

Manifest Needs and Leadership in Nascent Entrepreneurs - Collin Rhoade, Abigail Erickson, Katie Wolfe, Shawn M. Carraher, Philip Millage_1

Methodology of Determining Economic Security Criteria in Globalization Environment - Ainabek_Kuandyk_Salikhuly

Microfinancing: Defeating the Dependence and Measuring Success the Right Way - Thomas P. VanKley, Jacob Wheeler, Joshua R. Millage

Model of mutual interaction elements of the business environment - Baiba Zvirbule

Modeling The Effects of Celeb-Entrepreneur Endorsement On Advertising Effectiveness: The Case Of Malaysia's Pop Princess - Mazzini Muda, Rosidah Musa

Motivations of Luxury Brand Consumption: A Comparison between China and Hong Kong Chinese Consumers - So Lai Man, Stella

Parent-Overseas Sbsidiary Management and Relationships in Malaysian Diversified Firms - A. B. Sim

Political Implications of The Last Financial and Economic Crisis - Zygmunt Janiec

Product Growth Patterns of International Consumer Electronic Firms: An Empirical Determination Using Biological Species Population Models - Michael J. Harrison

Quality of International Education in the Accreditations Councils and in the Private Sector Universities of Pakistan - Umar Nawaz Kayani, Fida Hussain, Farrukh Nawaz Kayani

Should Companies Increase Size or Improve their CSR Profile in order to Improve their Performance? Evidence from UK listed Firms - Iordanis Kalaitzoglou, Lanre Fagbe, Jacek Niklewski

Sovering Wealth Funds - global trends - Malgorzata Mikita

Strengthening cluster development in Malaysia with collaborative relationship - Zatun Najahah Yusof

The Effect of Human Health on Sustainable Development In India: The State Level Analysis - Rudra P. Pradhan, Tapan P. Bagchi

The Effect of Glass Ceiling on Working Women: A Case Study of Nigeria - Olukemi I. Lawanson

The Egyptian Banking System Post January 25th Revolution - Sahar Nasr

The Global Financial Crises Effects on Residential Industries in Ireland and Greece - Wayne Buchanan, Michael J. Gallagher

The Impact of Environmental Advertisement, Health Consciousness and Personal Norm on Organic Food Consumption in Shanghai, China - Bing Zhu

The Impact of Tariff Reductions on Real Imports in Malaysia from 1980-2010 - Juita Mohamad

The Importance of Islamic Accounting in Modern Era - Chusnul Asfadillah, Ines Nur Latifah, Raditya Sukmana

The informational content of Annual General Meetings in civil-law countries - Monica Martinez, Josep Garcia, JosepM Argiles

The influence of ethnicity on IC reporting - Noradiva Hamzah, Norman Mohd Saleh, Sumayah Mohamed

The Law of Many Prices - Neville R. Norman

The management approach and managerial behaviour: the need for checks and balances - Simon J Hoy, Mark D Hughes

The Moderating Effect of Environment on the Relationship Between Self-Efficacy And Entrepreneurial Orientation Among Malay SMEs in Manufacturing Industry - Rohani Mohd, Khulida Kirana Yahya, Badrul Hisham Kamaruddin

The Service Economy Fallacy: A Materialist Perspective - Klaus Solberg Soilen

Theory of Global Business Prediction - Ainabek Kuandyk Salikhuly

Towards Dreaming Literate Punjab - Muhammad A Quddus, Mazhar-Ul Haq Baluch

Two Steps Backward and One Step Forward; The IASB's response to Off - Balance Sheet Financing through investments in other entities - Mark D Hughes, Simon J Hoy

Utilizing Continuous Photo Analysis of Fragmentation as a Blast / Crush Improvement Tool - James McGough

Validating Cause-and-Effect Relationships in the Balanced Scorecard - Al Bento, Regina Bento, Lourdes Ferreira White

Valuation of Investments in Oil and Gas: A Real Options Approach - Vivian Okere, Zahra Amirhosseini

Work-life Balance Among Support Staff Working In Non-governmental Organisations: A Survey - Ipseeta Satpathy, B.Chandra Mohan Patnaik

World Universities Rankings as Economic Indicators? - Peter U. Okorie

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