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2013 Cambridge Business & Economics Conference

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A Practical Corporate Strategic Plan - Morgan AKA Doc Sherry, Phil Paker

A Quantitative Analysis of Critical Factors Encompassing Economic Growth - John Wang, Gang Wang, Qiannong Gu

A Study of Understanding the Effect of Association of Imagery in Communication on “Carbonated Soft Drinks” Brands - Ravi Jayawardena, Dilan Savio Perera

A University Initiative to Integrate Sustainability in Course Development - Michael Jara, David Newlands, David S. Harrison, Patsy Lewellyn

Academic Leadership and Work-Related Attitude: Genders, Ethnics and Academic Ranks of Faculty Members in Malaysian Public Universities - Muhammad Hasmi Abu Hassan Asaari, Ashish Dwivedi, Alan Lawton, Noorliza Karia

An Assessment of APT's Performance on Portfolios - Seetanah B, RV Sannassee, M Lamport, Cuttaree V

Applying the Materiality Concept: The Case of Abnormal Items - Robyn Cameron, Natalie Gallery

Are Taxes a Determinant Factor in Earnings Management Behavior? -  Empirical Results From Brazilian Insurance Market - Eduardo da Silva Flores, Heber Pessoa da Silveira

Capturing Stylized Facts of Stock Market Volatility and Higher Order Cumulant Function - Sanja Dudukovic

Constructing An Assessment For The Imbalance Theory Of Foolishness - Melvin J. Woodard III

Corporate Governance and Firm Performance: Evidence from the Insurance Industry of Mauritius - Clifford Appasamy, Matthew Lamport, Boopendra Seetanah, Raja Vinesh Sannassee

Corporate Governance Mechanisms: Compliance and Pattern of Market Valuation Quoted Companies in Nigeria (2003-2010) - Akinkoye Ebenezer Yemi

Crisis! So What? - The Immediate and Long Run Effects of Subprime Crisis in Brazilian Stock Market - Heber Pessoa da Silveira, Luciana Maia Campos Machado

European Financial Crisis: Is It Due To Weaknesses Of The Maatricht Convergence Criteria? – A Re-Evaluation - Sanela Porca

Externalities in Natural Resource Management in the Context of Stakeholders Interaction - Anna Bartczak, Anna Czarczynska

Factors Affecting the Technical Inefficiency of Thai Manufacturing and Exporting Small and Medium Sized Enterprises: A Stochastic Frontier Analysis (SFA) - Yot Amornkitvikaia, Charles Harvieb, Teerawat Charoenrat

Finland: Economic Growth Through Education Transformation From A Ressource Based Economy To A Knowledge Based Economy - Ingrid Fray

Focus on Working Capital Management Practices among Mauritian SMEs: Survey Evidence and Empirical Analysis - Kesseven Padachi, Carole Howorth

Global Incident Management - Sheron Morgan, Phil Paker

Influences of Organizational Vision on Organizational Effectiveness - Doris W. Carver

Interest Rate Risk Management: Evidence from Mauritian Commercial Banks - Seetanah B, Thakoor P

International Student Recruitment – Are Practices of Universities Sustainable and Ethical - Peter Gibson

Leadership and Ethics Within the Chinese and American Corporate Culture - Adam Sharrard, Shawn Carraher

Macroeconomic Policy Lessons Learned and Admonitions Offered?--Experiments with Nixonomics and Reaganomics in Addressing Recessions - Frederick J. Augustyn Jr.

Managing the Military Way - Rtamir

Measuring the Technical Efficiency of Thai Manufacturing SMEs: A Comparison of Parametric and Non-parametric Approaches - Teerawat Charoenrat, Charles Harvie, Wannapa Naburana

Mutual Guaranteed Loans In Italy: The Determinants Of Defaults - Lorenzo Gai, Federica Ielasi, Federico Rossi

Possibilities Exploration for Public –Private Partnership - Muhammad A. Quddus, Mazhar Ul Haq Baluch, Khawar Ata

Post Transfer of Undertakings Psychological Contract Violation: Modeling Antecedents and Outcomes - Juanique Cleo Ferreira

Profitability In Eco-friendly Initiatives: A Study In A Hotel Sector Organisation - Pradeep Randiwela, Imaduwa M.R. Priyadarsshna

Relationship Marketing Factors as Key Predictors of Inter-firm Cooperation and Success - Veronica Rosendo Rios

Remittances and Economic Growth in Mexico: An Empirical Study with Structural Breaks - Miguel D. Ramirez

Sector-specific effects of the Australian Mining Boom: Dutch Disease or Dutch Delight - Jonathan R. Hambur, Neville R. Norman

Sustainability of Organizational Performance Competitiveness Across Knowledge Sharing Environment with particular regard to the UAE - Khalid Alrawi, Keith White-Hunt DSc, Maher Ibrahim, Waleed alrawi

Sustainability Oriented Yachting Enterprises: Theoretical Considerations and Empirical Evidence from Marche Region - Tonino Pencarelli, Simone Splendiani, Dini Mauro

Teaching Fixed Exchange Rates and Stockpiled Reserves to Undergraduates: Updating Demand and Supply - Jannett Highfill, Raymond Wojcikewych

The Effect of Information Systems Infrastructure and Staff Involvement in the Integration of Knowledge Management and E- Learning Technologies in Academic Institutions - Ali Mahdi Owayid, Khalid Alrawi, Khaled Shaalan

The Informational Content of the Corporate Governance Report: Evidence from Spain - Monica Martinez Blasco, Laura Vivas Crisol, Josep Garcia Blandon, Joan Corominas Ferrer

The Key Success Factors of Social Media Marketing: Case Studies of the Use of Facebook to Enhance a Brand Community - Tanya Dentham, Kritsadarat Wattanasuwan

The Potential of Corporate Governance Variables for Small Enterprise Default Prediction Modeling. Statistical Evidence from Italian Manufacturing Firms. Preliminary Findings - Francesco Ciampi, Niccolo Gordini

The Role of Emotions in Customer Buying Decisions: An Analysis of Telecommunication Industry, Sri Lanka - Pradeep Randiwela, Tharanga S. Widanachchi

The Value of Regulation during Financial Crisis: Evidence from the Hedge Fund Industry - Janie Casello Bouges, Steven Freund

Trust, Integration And Commitment As Determinants Of Customer Satisfaction And Retention: An Empirical Study Of University-industry Relationships - Veronica Rosendo Rios, Pilar Laguna Sanchez, Carmelo Mercado Idoeta

Use of Indigenous Languages as Media of Instruction in Teaching of Biology - Osungbemiro, N. R., Olaniyan, R.F., Sanni R.O., Olajuyigbe

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