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2014 Cambridge Business & Economics Conference

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Access And Use Of Icts In Female-owned Smes In Selected Arab Countries And Brazil: A Comparative Study - Mona Farid Badran

Adoption of IFRS in Canada: Financial Reporting Dilemma for Canadian Companies Cross-Listed in the United States - Sylwia Gornik-Tomaszewski

Analysing Job Attitudes Between Unionized And Non-Unionized Employees - Joshua Chang, Antonio Travaglione, Grant O'Neill

Betting on China with Legal Uncertainty: An Investment Case Study - Zhaodong Jiang

Bubbles, Wobbles and Financial Instability: The Jenga Market - Roger W. Clark, Yu Zhang, George C. Philippatos

Business Schools: Generators of Skills for Entrepreneurs - Teresa Freire Rubio, Ana I. Rosado Cubero

Could An Expected-Loss Reserve Model Have Prevented Bank Failures? - The Empirical Evidence - Tyzz Yun Chen

Determinants of Growth in Life Insurance Policies in Sri Lanka The Case of A Public Limited Company - Pradeep Randiwela, J.P.C.K. Wijerathne, Tharaka W.B. Hettiarachchi

Differences in Transnational Customer-Provider Relations and Implications on Work-life Balance - Sunrita Dhar Bhattacharjee, Helen Peterson

Does Financial Deregulation Increase the Banking Efficiency in Bangladesh? - Iftekhar Robin, Ruhul Salim, Harry Bloch

Emerging Markets for Pacific Island Migrant Labour in Canada to Promote Economic Development - Anusha Mahendran, Thorsten Stromback

Examine the Impact on Companies for External Reporting in Hong Kong with the Adoption of International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) - Raymond Wong, Helen Wong

Functionality of Collaterals : A Comparison Between Unsecured and Mutual Guaranteed Loans - Lorenzo Gai, Federica Ielasi

Heterodox Approaches to Help Management and Public Policy Makers - Neville Norman

How Fast are Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems moving to the Cloud? - Al Bento, Regina Bento, Ana Bento

Intensity of Volatility Linkages in Islamic and Conventional Markets - Shumi Akhtar, Maria Jahromi, Kose John

Internationalization of Malaysian Firms and the Effects of Major External Economic Crises - A. B. Sim

Internationalizing University Honors Programs - David S. Harrison, C. Michael Ritchie

Inward Foreign Direct Investment And Economic Growth In South And East Asia & Pacific Region: Evidence From Systematic Literature Reviews And Meta-analysis - Sridevi Yerrabati, Denise Hawkes

Limited and Cooperative Banks Between 1998 and 2013: An Analysis on the Data of the Branches - Edoardo Catelani

Looking For Leaders Who Can Meet Today's Challenge Of Globalization - Faith M. Pereira

Online Executive Education for Women Leaders - Amy Wong, Karin Sixl-Daniell

Online Marketing Communications and the Postmodern Consumer in the Museum Context - Susan Scoffield, Jie Liu

Optimal Selections Among Competing Projects: Multi-Armed Bandits - Kemal Gursoy

Outsourcing - To - Outsourcing - In Employment Service Industry: Lithuanian Experience - Ligita Gaspareniene, Rita Remeikiene, Vaidas Gaidelys

Poverty And The Economic Cycle In Mexico - Enrique Hernadez Laos, Araceli Benitez Lino

Poverty in Low-, Medium- and High-Income Arab Countries - Karima Korayem

Poverty Reduction Possibilities in Punjab - Muhammad A. Quddus, Mazhar-ul-Haq Baluch, Khawar Ata

Problem Solving Through Collaborative Learning In An Outdoor Environment - George T. Balonggay, Ivan Yew, Malcolm Chung, Peh Wee Leng

Public Administration and Small Business Entrepreneurship - Arun Kumar, Priyadarshani Singh

Real Convergence, Economic Crises and EU Cohesion Policy - Bartosz Jozwik, Henryk Ponikowski

Sex Sells - Jon Austin Gastrock

Social Media: Adoption and Legal Issues Impact on Business Innovation - Anas Al Bakri, Nazzal Kisswani

Some Thoughts of Wisdom - Ran Tamir

Sovereign Risk and the Bank Lending Channel in Europe - Maria Cantero Saiz, Sergio Sanfilippo Azofra, Begona Torre Olmo, Carlos Lopez Gutierrez

Supply Chain Visibility, Supply Chain Integration and Information Sharing – The Antidote for Supply Chain Myopia - Kumaraguru Mahadevan

Taking the Mystery out of the Concept of Top Management Support: The Context of Information Technology Projects - Ochini Madanayake, Peter Gibson

Testing GARCH and RV Exchange Rate Volatility Models Using Hinich Tricorrelations - Sanja Dudukovic

The Cost of New Equity Issues and the Reinvestment of Operating Cash Flows - David R. Fewings

The Dangers of Underemployment in the United States - Patrick O'Halloran, Michaeline Skiba

The Largest Companies of China and its Annual General Meeting: Are they Releasing Any Value Relevant Information? - Monica Martinez-Blasco, Josep Garcia-Blandon, Josep Maria Argiles-Bosch

The Segmentation of Facebook Users in Palembang – Indonesia - Diah Natalisa, ES Margianti, Welly Nailis, Eko Fitrianto

Top Management Team Composition And The Choice Of Foreign Market Location And Entry Mode - Ben L Kedia, Tsvetomira V Bilgili

Towards Sustainable Social And Economic Equality: A Maximum Wage - Linda Twiname, Lisa Sharp

Using Formative Assessment to Improve MBA Students’ Understanding of Economics - Rebecca Stratling

Value Added Tax Paradox in Latvia - Baiba Zvirbule

When Technology Complicates Management: The Case of Jahi McMath - Vincent F. Maher, George V. Priovolos, Elisabeth J, Maher

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