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2015 Cambridge Business & Economics Conference

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A Study of the Research of Geert Hofstede - Azin Zomorodian

Capital Contributions and Inducements Among EHR Ecosystem Participants - Donald E Wynn, Renee M E Pratt

Commemoration and Poppies: Cambridge and other American Battle Monuments Commission Cemeteries' Mission in Anniversary Years - Nina M. Ray,
          Andrew T. Mink

Consumer Buying Behavior and Attitudes Towards Eco-Friendly Fast Moving Consumer Goods – Cosmetics & Personal Care Products - Pradeep Randiwela, P.M.N.Mihirani

Corruption Culture in the United States and China - Akram Chamut

Culture and Ethics: A Comparison Between Japan & the USA - Gary Nobles

Curricula Practices and Directions in Sustainability: Survey of Deans of AACSBMid-SizedU.S. Business Schools - S. Michelle Harmon,
          David S. Harrison, Clifton Jones, C. Michael Ritchie, Patrick Stiebinger

Determinants of Customers'retail Bank Choices in Sri Lanka - Pradeep Randiwela, Ruwika Shalika Fernando

Empowering Small-Scale Farmers through the Adoption of Soil Degradation Technologies: A Case Study Of Arable Crop Farmers In Imo State, Nigeria -
          Nwaiwu J.C, Onubuogu G.C, Chukwu A.O

Enhancing the Practicality of and the Accessibility to Education in Nigeria - Augustine O Ejiogu

Ethical differences and Corporate Transparency Comparing China, and the United States of America- A Comparison of Countries on
          Ethics Position Questionnaire and Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions - Emily Lin, Tiffany Wong

Evaluating the Efficiency of Frontier Equity Markets in Caribbean Economies: Equity Market Efficiency in Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago - Stephen O. Morrell, Sean Cooney

Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions:Comparison of South Korea and the United States - Eunjin A. Kim

IFRS Adoption & Compliance Issues: Does One Size Fits All Really Work? - Raul Sanchez

Impact of Integrated Reporting (IR) on Accounting and Finance - Kamala Raghavan

Investigation of Consumer Motives for Purchase of Cotton (Lawn) Fabric as a Fashion Statement: Case of Pakistani Female Sentiment - Yasmin Zafar

Lesson Learning and Adaptation - What Can the Corporate World Learn from the Military - Ran Tamir

Monitoring of Impact Investment Funds - Renato Luiz Proenca de Gouvea, Roberto de Oliveira Pereira

Pioneering Corporate Social Responsibility: Michael Thomas Sadler and Factory Reform - Garry James Clayton, Zulkifflee Mohamed

Regime Learning and Asset Prices in A Long-run Model: Theory - Binbin Deng

Teaching Economics and Providing Visual "Big Pictures" - Seyyed Ali Zeytoon Nejad Moosavian

Tension in Networks - Christina Oberg

The Bidders Stock Market Reaction to large European Merger Announcements - Xavier Auguets, Monica Martinez-Blasco, Josep Garcia-Blandon

The Impact of National Culture on the Success of Enterprise Systems Implementation - Renee M. E. Pratt, Donald E. Wynn

Trends in the Global Rise of the Prevalence of Obesity from the 1980's- Present between Developed and Developing Countries - Marylud Silva

Trust and Reciprocity Drive Social Common Goods Contribution Norms - Julia M. Puaschunder

Using Culture, Labor Market and Social Policies to Explain Gender Differences in the Impact of the Great Recession - Jean-Luc E. Grosso,
           Teresa L. Smith, Sheryl S. Grosso

Valuation of Self-Insurance and Self-Protection under Outcome Ambiguity: An Experimental Study - Ozlem Yilmaz

Women's Participation in Entrepreneurial Activities in Okigwe Agricultural Zone of Imo State, Nigeria - Robert Ugochukwu Onyeneke


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