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2016 Cambridge Business & Economics Conference

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A Sluggish Trend of National Savings and its Causes: The Case of Pakistan - Rukhsana Kalim, Mohammad Shahid Hassan

Agency Theory in Banking-Lessons from the 2007-2010 Financial Crisis - John T. Donnellan, Wanda Rutledge

Creating a Culture of Sustainability - C. Michael Ritchie, S. Michele Harmon, John Engel, David S. Harrison

Cultural, Political, and Economic Factors in the Inbound Foreign Direct Investment Process: New Concepts and Measures - Kylie M. Bos, Kelsie L. Hutter, George M. Puia

Ethics in public administration: The Case of Czech Self-Governing Regions - Zdenek Raska

Leadership Management Superstructure - Zdenek Dytrt

Sensory Marketing is to Flourish or Perish: Restaurant in Sri Lanka - Pradeep Randiwela, Sumedha Alahakoon

The Labour Market for Accountantsin Australia - Phil Lewis

The New OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises: A Critical Assessment - Kenneth A. Reinert, Oda T. Reinert, Gelaye Debebe

The Role of The Educational Environment in Entrepreneurship - Ana Rosado Cubero, M. Teresa Freire Rubio

Transparency and corruption. Evidences from the case of the Italian regions - Isabella Fadda, Paola Paglietti, Elisabetta Reginato, Aldo Pavan

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