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2019 Cambridge Business & Economics Conference

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An Empirical Analysis of Causal Flow among Different Institutions - Muhammad Abdul Quddus, Zaheer Ahmed Babar

Ethics Courses and Impact on Future Generations' Understanding and Interaction With Digital Space - Zeenath Reza Khan, Swathi Venugopal

The Consequences of Petty Corruption on Health Care System Performance - Elisabetta Reginato, Isabella Fadda, Paola Paglietti, Aldo Pava

The Impact of Corruption on FDI - Neerputh D, Seetanah B

The Relationship between Central Bank Independence and Inflation - Babajee R, Gopy N, Seetanah B, Benoit E

Using Restorative Practice to Manage Group Conflicts in Tertiary Classroom Setting - Zeenath Reza Khan, Vidhi Sharma, Priyanka Hemnani, Tina Thomas

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