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OCTOBER 15-17, 2006

Preface from the Conference Program Chair

I am delighted to welcome you to the 6th Global Conference on Business & Economics in Gutman Conference Center, USA. In keeping with the tradition of Association for Business & Economics Research (ABER) conferences, we present you with a programme of cutting-edge research in the field of Business & Economics, in the form of papers and panel discussions. The programme continues to show a healthy mixture of high standards of selectivity coupled with wide participation from our academic community: 6th GCBE received 326 papers of which 255 papers were accepted, providing an overall acceptance rate of 78%. All manuscript submitted for the conference went through a double-blind referee process. The papers presented at the conference are also published in its proceedings.

Any ABER conference is only as good as the people who take time out of their very busy schedule to help put it all together. As Conference Program Chair, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Sue Driskill, Dinesh Jain, Kati Stuller and Jessica Villalba. I am also grateful to our colleagues from Gutman Conference Center, under the steer of Amy Schoenberg, for offering to host this year’s conference and for their invaluable work in providing the necessary infrastructure and support for a successful conference. Finally, without your participation this conference would not have been possible. I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to you.

Atul Gupta
Lynchburg College
Conference Program Chair

A Brief Consumption History of Modern Russia: “The Man in a Case” Dreams of Breaking Through

A Study on the Competitiveness of Student Recruitment for the Four-Year Programs of Commercial Design at Technological Universities and Colleges in Taiwan

A Study on the Impact of Socio-Economic and Geographical factors on students pursuing professional courses – with special reference to Indore University India since 1991

A Tale of Two Technologies: The Financial Chapter

Airline Network Design and Profitability:A Case for Re-regulation?

An Application of Causal Mapping Technique ANCOM-2 in Management Studies

An Empirical Study of Price Dispersion in Homogenous Goods Markets

An Examination of the Behavior of International Stock Markets and Equity-Related Instruments: Global versus Investable Indexes Using Evidence From China

An Investigation into the Impact of Foreign Direct Investment on Economic Freedom in Host Countries

Analysis of the Financial Background of a Hungarian EU Project

Applying the Irish Model to the Polish Economy and the Expanded European Union

Baby Boom Health Boom and the Future of Financial Markets

Backward and Forward linkages Of HIV/Aids Prevalence: A Panel Study on thirty-three African Countries

Banking Risk and Efficiency: An Evidence from Commercial Banks of Pakistan

Boom and Bust in Network Industries: Rising from the Ashes

Capability dynamics and business model transformation in the software industry

Caribbean Competitiveness

Challenges in the Restructuring Process A Case Study on the Fatal Experience of a Western Firm in Eastern Europe

Competition Policy And Law In Asean

Conservation Value And Leader-Member Exchange of Chief Executive Officers In South Sumatra Indonesia

Constructing the store image scale for measuring prolonged opening hours

Consumer Behavior of Credit Card Users in an Emerging Market

Cross-country Inequality Convergence: An Inquiry into the role of Trade and Technology in reducing the Poverty of Nations

Customer Relationship Orientation – Evolutionary link between Market Orientation and Customer Relationship Management.

Dabur India - Working Capital and Cost Management.pdf

Data Ming in Auditing Attest Function

Day-of-the-week in Returns and Conditional Volatility A Fact or A Fiction Evidence from Spot CAD USD Foreign Exchange Rates

Determinants of Corporate Ownership Concentration: Firm and country effects

Determinants of Malaysian Trade Balance: An Ardl Bound Testing Approach

Developing a “Real Business”School Using Unique Instructional Strategies Within the First Year Experience Course.

Does Your Occupation Make You Sick? Some Things We Know from the National Longitudinal Survey of Youth

Dynamic Financial Linkages among Selected OIC Countries: Evidence from the Post-September 11

Effects of Tax Amnesties in Turkey and Greece

Employment Discrimination in the United States and the United Kingdom: The Interaction of Legal and Cultural Constraints on Human Resource Systems

Ethical Delemmas and the Law an International Comparison

Exploring the Influence of the Level of IT and Business Alignment on Innovation

Factors Influencing Consumers' Laptop Purchases

Father Daughter and Grand Children: The Growth and Survival of a Family Business

Financing through Bond Issues and the Nexus with Economic Growth

Fiscal Policy and Migration in the EU: Does the Tiebout Hypothesis Apply?

Gender Pay Discrimination in Lebanon Assessment of Recent Data

Geography of Norwegian production and innovation Measuring spatial concentration and regional div.pdf

Global Ethics Collide in Online Accounting Education

High-Tech Industries’ Corporate Social Responsibility and Economic Performance

How Enron et al Gamed The Electricity Market: An Empirical Analysis of Trader Knowledge

How Low-Income Consumers Increase the Amount of Food to Share with More

Human Resources Management in Hungarian Universities -- Performance Assessment

Impact of FDI on Economic Development: A Causality Analysis for Singapore 1976-2002

Implementing Corporate Social Responsibility in Globalization

Improving Policy Implementation by the use of efficiency models: An application of DEA on public hospitals

Internet and Corporate Governance.pdf

Job Quality in Call Centres: Key Issues Insights and Gaps in the Literature

Ladywear SA: The Case Study of a Greek Entrepreneur Entering the Regional Market

Linkages Between Organisational Dynamics and Organisational Performance: A Case Study of A State Power Utility in India

Living in Integrity: Thoughts from Business Executives About Technology Globalism and Politics in the Workplace

Logistics and Supply Chain Management Practices in India

Long-Term Relationship between Intra-Trade and Total Trade of Member Countries of ASEAN.pdf

Macroeconomic Variables & Stock Returns.pdf

Minority M&A in Chinese Banks - Perspectives on Integration and Competitive Challenges

MizBiz: Educating Women for Entrepreneurship

Moral Development of Companies: an optimistic view from Greece

Notes for a New Paradigm for Economics

On Balance Sheets Idiosyncratic Risk and Aggregate Volatility: Is Firm Volatility Good for the Economy?

Operational Risk: Measurement Issues Basel-II and UAE banks

Opportunity Costs and Managerial Decision Making in a Technological Society

Optimal Design of Deferred Payment Sales Contracts with Depreciating Asset Security

Optimal Rules for Lifetime Consumption and Wealth growth under Budgetary and Credit Constraints

Performance Measurement for Accountability in Corporate Governance: A Data Envelopment Analysis Approach

Philippine Educational Reforms and the Challenges of the Knowledge-Based Global Economy

Political Marketing vs. Commercial Marketing: Something in Common for Gains

Public-Private-Partnerships: Risks To The Public and Private Sector

PUJ versus AUV Rivalry of Development and Survival In and Out of the Road The Case of Transport Industry in Metro Manila Philippines

Quantification of Socio Economic Deprivations of Squatter Settlement’s Inhabitants: A Case Study of Lahore

Religious Freedom Religious Diversity & Japanese Foreign Direct Investment

Role of AGOA/USAID Trade Hubs in Bringing Sub-Saharan African Food and Consumer Products to the U.S. Marketplace

Schizophrenia – The Costs

Situational Teaching Model

Skill Formation and the Knowledge Economy: Some Issues and Problems in the Philippines

Social Responsibility & Ethics in Higher Education

Store Brands and Store Competition

Strategic Application Of Information and Communication Technology for Effective Service Delivery in an Organisation

Strategic Performance Measurement System Characteristics Outcomes and Performance

Tax Policy For Small And Medium Eenterprises

Technology Gap Human Capital and Multinational Enterprises: Evidence from Country-Level Panel Data

Testing for Expected Return and Market Price of Risk in Chinese A-B Share Markets: A Geometric Brownian Motion and Multivariate GARCH Model Approach

The Artistry of Case Pedagogy in Mba Management Accounting Course

The Constitution as Corporate Strategic Epistemology and Heuristic

The Determinants of Foreign Direct Investment Inflows (FDI) in Nigeria

The Determinants of Information Systems Capability: An Empirical Investigation of End-User Computing Skills in Ghana

The Economic Determinants of Canadian CEO Stock Option Compensation

The Economics of Exchange in the Eighteenth-Century Canadian Fur Trade: An Overview

The Effect of French and Raven Power on knowledge Acquisition Knowledge Creation and knowledge Sharing: An Empirical Investigation in Lebanese Organizations

The Effect of Political and Economical Institution on the Value-Relevance of Accounting Information: A case of China

The Evaluation of Information Systems Success: A New Perspective

The Excess Bond Returns and Debt Maturity

The Identity of Corporate Ownership in the Industrialized World: Size industry and country effects

The Impact of Ownership on CEO Compensation: Evidence from Canada

The Importance Level of Typically Used Training/Teaching Styles as Rated by Undergraduate MBA Male Female and Foreign Business Students

The Long-Run and Dynamic Behaviors of Productivity and Employment in Selected Asian Economies

The Multi Source Form and Sum Analysis: Development of a framework and application to the Broadway school for teen mothers

The Persistence of The Current Account Surplus Following an External Sector Crisis

The Use of Currency Derivatives by Brazilian Companies: An Empirical Investigation

The Value Line Dow Jones Stock Evaluation Model: Is It Useful?

Towards a Profound Sense of Professionalism – Teaching Ethics to IT and Business University Students

Trust is a Process. A New Direction in Business Education

Values Market Needs and Higher Education Curriculum: The Quest for Comprehensive Development

What Determines the Stock Price and the Informative Efficiency: The Omitted Information Frequency

What Drives Canadian Corporate Dividend Policy: Agency Cost or Information Asymmetry?

What Drives Technology Collaboration in India – Perceptions and Practices

What Price Greed: An Analysis of Corporate Abuse and Mismanagement by Fiduciaries

Why Puerto Rican Women Develop their Own Small Business?

Women Academics - A Long and Winding Road

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