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OCTOBER 13-14, 2007
Rome, Italy

Preface from the Conference Program Chair

I am delighted to welcome you to the 7th Global Conference on Business & Economics in Rome, Italy. In keeping with the tradition of Association for Business & Economics Research (ABER) conferences, we present you with a program of cutting-edge research in the field of Business & Economics, in the form of papers and panel discussions. The program continues to show a healthy mixture of high standards of selectivity coupled with wide participation from our academic community: 7th GCBE received 282 papers of which 224 papers were accepted, providing an overall acceptance rate of 79%. All manuscript submitted for the conference went through a double-blind referee process. The papers presented at the conference are also published in its proceedings.

Any ABER conference is only as good as the people who take time out of their very busy schedule to help put it all together. As Conference Program Chair, I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to Sue Driskill, Dinesh Jain, Jacquelyn Fox and Jenny Stanley. I am also grateful to our colleagues from Novotel La Rustica Hotel for offering to host this year’s conference and for their invaluable work in providing the necessary infrastructure and support for a successful conference. Finally, without your participation this conference would not have been possible. I would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to you.

Atul Gupta
Lynchburg College
Conference Program Chair

A Change Approach In The Railway Organizations: Reengineering Railways

A Comparison Of Interviewing Techniques: HR Versus Fraud Examination

A Computer Age Revision For The Double Entry Bookkeeping Treatise Of Luca Pacioli And Contemporary Accounting Textbooks

A Cross-sectional Analysis Of Malaysian Unit Trust Fund Expense Ratios

A Multifactor Approach Of Apt Versus Capm For The Greek Stock Market

A Practical Application Of Activity Based Costing (Abc) In An Urology Department

An Approach, How Innovation Marketing Faces The Challenges Of New Product Development Within The Telecommunication Industry

An Estimation Of The Impact Of Hiv/Aids On Economic Growth Using Instrumental Variables

An Example For A Branding Program And Its Effects On Turkish Textile Industry

An Exploration Of Cultural Differences In Consumer Switching

Appropriateness Of Default Investment Options In Pension Plans: The Australian Evidence

Bank Performance In Dollarized Economies

Beyond Adoption, What Do We Mean By “Innovation Adoption” In Business-to-business Marketing?

Budget Participation And Job Performance Of South Korean Managers Mediated By Job Satisfaction And Job Relevant Information

Building And Managing Corporate Reputation At Hillside Beach Club

Business Globalization & Ideology: The Dissemination Of Anti-democratic Thought

Change Of Relationship Between Fixed Investments And Economic Growth As Country Develop: Evidences From Lithuania And Austria

Changes In Attitudes Toward The Act Of Complaining In A Developing Country

Codes Of Ethics And Political Power In French Companies Today

Corporate Takeovers In Europe: Do Bidders Overpay?

Corruption And Economic Performance

Country Risk And Its Impact On Foreign Direct Investment Decision Making Process: A Bulgarian Perspective

Current And Future Benefits To Australia From China’s Economic Reforms?

Decision-making Or Something Else? – Reflections Of Organizational Innovation Adoption Process From Four Case Studies

Does Opening B-Share Markets To Domestic Investors Lead To More Or Less Price Synchronicity

Emotions Towards Change ‘‘A Case Of Northern Greek ICT Industry”

Ethical Evaluations Of Accountants: An Empirical Study Of Latin America And The United States

Factors Affecting TQM Implementation: An Empirical Study In Tunisian Firms

Factors Influencing The Success Of Project Management Amongst Manufacturing Companies In Malaysia: A Conceptual Framework

Failure Of New Ventures: A Survival Analysis Of The Telecommunications Industry

Fighting International Terrorism via Public-Private Partnership: The UK Experience

High Rate Of Unemployment In Nigeria: The Consequence On Human Resource Management

Influence Of The Local Government’s Political Orientation On House Prices

Informational Intermediation: A Tool For Evaluating The Capacity Of Smes To Access Financing

Integrated Analysis Of The Electricity Market: Does More Knowledge Enable Market Manipulation?

Internet Banking In The Eu Harmonization Process: The Case Of Turkey

Item Pricing Laws, Supplier Behavior, And The Diffusion Of Time-saving Technological Innovations

Ivan Tsarevitch, The Frog Princess, And Brand Revolution In Russia

Jordanian Economics and Administrative Science Students’ Perceptions of the Need for Business English Courses and the Potentia

Key Factors Affect The Effectiveness Of The Communication Information Systems: An Empirical Investigation

Knowledge Creation Through Management Consulting

Lessons Learned From Hurricane Katrina For US Higher Education

Management Control Systems Framework For R&D Organisation: A New Approach

Marketing Segmentation Of Culinary Tourists

Modeling The Term Structure Of Interest Rates In The Thai Market

On The Adoption Decision Of Complementary Innovations: Evidence From The Usev Of Management Practices By UK Establishments

Organisational Enablers Of Technological Innovation In The Portuguese Footwear Industry: Do Subunits’ Differences Matter?

Pharmaceutical High Profits: Languaged Ideology Or The Cost Of R&D?

Portfolio Selection And Hedge Funds: The Effects Of Autocorrelation And Tail Risk

Portfolio Size Effect In Retirement Accounts: What Does It Imply For Lifecycle Asset Allocation Funds

Quantifying The Impact Of A Supply Chain’s Design Parameters On The Bullwhip Effect

Quantitative Economic Analysis Of Foreign Direct Investment In Lithuania

R&D Activity And Patents In Cee Countries

R&D Experience and Innovation Success

Ratified ILO Core Standards, Their Applicability And Effectiveness In The UAE

Revisiting The “Glass Ceiling:” Pay Equity & Promotional Opportunities Among U.S. Female Business Professionals

Shareholder’s Value And Inefficiencies In European Bankruptcy Systems

Smoothing, Conservative Smoothing, And Truth-telling: The Effect Of The Pressure To Report Target Earnings On The Earnings Management Strategy And The Likelihood Of A Restatement

Social, But Not Quite Competent: Identity Construction In Business Clusters

Sponsored By: Association For Business & Economics Research International Journal Of Business & Economics

Stakeholders, Globalization, And Corporate Social Responsibility: A Look At International Ecotourism

The Determinants Of Brand Extension’s Success In An Emerging Market: Identifying The Effects Of Parent Brand Image, Category Fit And Consumer Characteristics

The Effect Of Information Quality On Buyer-supplier Relationships: A Conceptual Framework

The Effect Of Privatization On The Efficiency Of Financial Performance Of State-owned Enterprises: A Case Study Of The Jordanian Cement Factories Company

The Effects Of Employment On Academic Performance Of Australian Accounting Students

The Emergence Of New Firms And The Working Experience Of New Entrepreneurs

The Eonomic Behavior Of Uncertainty On Charitable Giving Contributions

The Impact Of Corporate Entrepreneurship On Company Growth In A Hostile Business Environment

The Impact Of Visual Merchandising On Consumer Store Choice Decisions In Sri Lankan Supermarkets

The Influence Of Management Information Systems And Information Technology On Management Performance And Satisfaction

The Influence of Multiple Store Environment Cues on Shopping Mood and Patronage Satisfaction

The Market Implications Of Audit Quality And Auditor Switch: Evidence From China

The Outlook Of Education And Employment In Turkey After 2000: Development Plans Framework

The Practice Of Motivation

The Use Of Scientific Knowledge By Spanish Agrifood Firms. An Examination Of Non Patent Citation

Ulun Akturan, Nuray Tezcan.doc

“Don’t Tell Me What You Know, Show Me What You Can Do” Bridging The Gap Between Education And Professional Practice: A Canadian Perspective From The Certified General Accountants Association

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