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A Change Approach In The Railway Organizations: Reengineering Railways - Zeynep Gultekin, Senem Besler

A Comparison Of Interviewing Techniques: HR Versus Fraud Examination - Norman J. Gierlasinski, Don R. Nixon, James L. Nimnicht

A Computer Age Revision For The Double Entry Bookkeeping Treatise Of Luca Pacioli And Contemporary Accounting Textbooks - Lee Tagliaferri

A Cross-sectional Analysis Of Malaysian Unit Trust Fund Expense Ratios - Soo-Wah Low

A Multifactor Approach Of Apt Versus Capm For The Greek Stock Market - Grigoris Michailidis, Stavros Tsopoglou, Demetrios Papanastasiou

A Practical Application Of Activity Based Costing (Abc) In An Urology Department - Evren Agyar, Ayten Ersoy, Mehmet Baykara, Murat Ucar

An Approach, How Innovation Marketing Faces The Challenges Of New Product Development Within The Telecommunication Industry - Michael Erner, Volker Presse

An Estimation Of The Impact Of Hiv/Aids On Economic Growth Using Instrumental Variables - Juan J. Delacruz

An Example For A Branding Program And Its Effects On Turkish Textile Industry - Cukul, D., Candan, C

An Exploration Of Cultural Differences In Consumer Switching - Swanson, Scott R., Frankel, Robert, Sagan, Mariusz

Appropriateness Of Default Investment Options In Pension Plans: The Australian Evidence - Anup K. Basu, Michael E. Drew 2

Bank Performance In Dollarized Economies - Emre Ozsoz

Beyond Adoption, What Do We Mean By “Innovation Adoption” In Business-to-business Marketing? - Hannu Makkonen 2

Budget Participation And Job Performance Of South Korean Managers Mediated By Job Satisfaction And Job Relevant Information - Maria A. Leach-lopez, William W. Stammerjohan, Kyoo Sang Lee

Building And Managing Corporate Reputation At Hillside Beach Club - Ebru Guzelcik Ural, Ozgur Cengel

Business Globalization & Ideology: The Dissemination Of Anti-democratic Thought - Janet Spitz, Alison M. Konrad, Adam Cresko

Change Of Relationship Between Fixed Investments And Economic Growth As Country Develop: Evidences From Lithuania And Austria - Manuela Tvaronaviciene, Vytautas Tvaronavicius

Changes In Attitudes Toward The Act Of Complaining In A Developing Country - Kemal Kurtulus, Suphan Nasir

Codes Of Ethics And Political Power In French Companies Today - Fabrice Mauleon, Mary M. Mckinley

Corporate Takeovers In Europe: Do Bidders Overpay? - Sergio Sanfilippo Azofra, Belen Diaz Diaz, Carlos Lopez Gutierrez

Corruption And Economic Performance - Roger R. Conant

Country Risk And Its Impact On Foreign Direct Investment Decision Making Process: A Bulgarian Perspective - Miroslav Mateev, Ivan Stoyanov

Current And Future Benefits To Australia From China’s Economic Reforms? - Parikshit K. Basu, John Hicks, Richard B. Sappey

Decision-making Or Something Else? – Reflections Of Organizational Innovation Adoption Process From Four Case Studies - Hannu Makkonen 1

Does Opening B-Share Markets To Domestic Investors Lead To More Or Less Price Synchronicity - Mou-Fung CHAN

Emotions Towards Change ‘‘A Case Of Northern Greek ICT Industry” - Christos Nicolaidis , Kleanthis Katsaros

Ethical Evaluations Of Accountants: An Empirical Study Of Latin America And The United States - Silvia Lopez-Palou

Factors Affecting TQM Implementation: An Empirical Study In Tunisian Firms - Senda Wali

Factors Influencing The Success Of Project Management Amongst Manufacturing Companies In Malaysia: A Conceptual Framework - Chan Wai Kuen, Suhaiza Zailani

Failure Of New Ventures: A Survival Analysis Of The Telecommunications Industry - Berna Polat, Charles W. L. Hill

Fighting International Terrorism via Public-Private Partnership: The UK Experience - Majid Taghavi

High Rate Of Unemployment In Nigeria: The Consequence On Human Resource Management - Lawanson O. I.

Influence Of The Local Government’s Political Orientation On House Prices - Alejandro Garcia Pozo

Informational Intermediation: A Tool For Evaluating The Capacity Of Smes To Access Financing - Nadine Levratto, Bernard Paranque

Integrated Analysis Of The Electricity Market: Does More Knowledge Enable Market Manipulation? - Eric C. Woychik, Richard Boland, Bo Carlsson

Internet Banking In The Eu Harmonization Process: The Case Of Turkey - Ceylan Onay, Asli Deniz Helvacioglu

Item Pricing Laws, Supplier Behavior, And The Diffusion Of Time-saving Technological Innovations - James G. Mulligan, Nilotpal Das

Ivan Tsarevitch, The Frog Princess, And Brand Revolution In Russia - Nikolai Ostapenko

Jordanian Economics and Administrative Science Students’ Perceptions of the Need for Business English Courses and the Potentia - Ruben Fahmi Bataineh

Key Factors Affect The Effectiveness Of The Communication Information Systems: An Empirical Investigation - Zoe Ventoura, Kalliopi Chazipanagiotou, Chrisorroi Eleftheriadou, Ioannis Neokosmidis

Knowledge Creation Through Management Consulting - Francesco Ciampi

Lessons Learned From Hurricane Katrina For US Higher Education - Ruben Xing

Management Control Systems Framework For R&D Organisation: A New Approach - Parulian Silaen, Robert Williams

Marketing Segmentation Of Culinary Tourists - Tanya Maclaurin, Julia Blose, Rhonda Mack

Modeling The Term Structure Of Interest Rates In The Thai Market - Chalita Promchan

On The Adoption Decision Of Complementary Innovations: Evidence From The Usev Of Management Practices By UK Establishments - Giuliana Battisti, Alfonsina Iona

Organisational Enablers Of Technological Innovation In The Portuguese Footwear Industry: Do Subunits’ Differences Matter? - Ana Abrunhosa, Patricia Moura E Sa

Pharmaceutical High Profits: Languaged Ideology Or The Cost Of R&D? - Janet Spitz, Mark Wickham

Portfolio Selection And Hedge Funds: The Effects Of Autocorrelation And Tail Risk - Robert J. Bianchi , Adam E. Clements, Michael E. Drew

Portfolio Size Effect In Retirement Accounts: What Does It Imply For Lifecycle Asset Allocation Funds - Anup K. Basu, Michael E. Drew 1

Quantifying The Impact Of A Supply Chain’s Design Parameters On The Bullwhip Effect - Matloub Hussain, Paul R. Drake, Dong M. Lee

Quantitative Economic Analysis Of Foreign Direct Investment In Lithuania - Virginija Grybaite, Manuela Tvaronaviciene

R&D Activity And Patents In Cee Countries - Jurica Simurina, Tomislav Gelo, Sime Smolic

R&D Experience and Innovation Success - Pilar Beneitoa, Maria Engracia Rochina Barrachinab, Amparo Sanchis Llopisb

Ratified ILO Core Standards, Their Applicability And Effectiveness In The UAE - Zeenath Reza Khan

Revisiting The “Glass Ceiling:” Pay Equity & Promotional Opportunities Among U.S. Female Business Professionals - Michaeline Skiba, Joseph Mosca, Donald R. Smith

Shareholder’s Value And Inefficiencies In European Bankruptcy Systems - Carlos Lopez Gutierrez, Myriam Garcia Olalla, Begona Torre Olmo

Smoothing, Conservative Smoothing, And Truth-telling: The Effect Of The Pressure To Report Target Earnings On The Earnings Management Strategy And The Likelihood Of A Restatement - Hila Bracha Yaari, Varda (Lewinstein) Yaari

Social, But Not Quite Competent: Identity Construction In Business Clusters - Udo Staber.doc

Sponsored By: Association For Business & Economics Research International Journal Of Business & Economics - Orlando Petiz Pereira, Maria Manuela Castro Coutinho

Stakeholders, Globalization, And Corporate Social Responsibility: A Look At International Ecotourism - B. Barbara Boerner

The Determinants Of Brand Extension’s Success In An Emerging Market: Identifying The Effects Of Parent Brand Image, Category Fit And Consumer Characteristics - Ulun Akturan, Tulay Yeniceri

The Effect Of Information Quality On Buyer-supplier Relationships: A Conceptual Framework - Badrul Nizar Ahmad, Suhaiza Zailani

The Effect Of Privatization On The Efficiency Of Financial Performance Of State-owned Enterprises: A Case Study Of The Jordanian Cement Factories Company - Jamal Ibrahim Bdour, Mahmoud Hasan Qaqish, Khalaf Suleiman Taani

The Effects Of Employment On Academic Performance Of Australian Accounting Students - Anura De Zoysa, Kathy Rudkin

The Emergence Of New Firms And The Working Experience Of New Entrepreneurs - Enrico Colombatto, Arie Melnik

The Eonomic Behavior Of Uncertainty On Charitable Giving Contributions - Iltae Kim, M Ronald S. Warren

The Impact Of Corporate Entrepreneurship On Company Growth In A Hostile Business Environment - Mohamed Zain, Abdelaziz Elbashir Hassan

The Impact Of Visual Merchandising On Consumer Store Choice Decisions In Sri Lankan Supermarkets - W. M. C. B. Wanninayake, Pradeep Randiwela

The Influence Of Management Information Systems And Information Technology On Management Performance And Satisfaction - Supattra Boonmak

The Influence of Multiple Store Environment Cues on Shopping Mood and Patronage Satisfaction - Gou-Fong Liaw

The Market Implications Of Audit Quality And Auditor Switch: Evidence From China - Z. Jun Lin, Ming Liu, Zhemin Wang

The Outlook Of Education And Employment In Turkey After 2000: Development Plans Framework - Ceyda Ozsoy

The Practice Of Motivation - Robert E. Ankli

The Use Of Scientific Knowledge By Spanish Agrifood Firms. An Examination Of Non Patent Citation - Manuel Acosta, Daniel Coronado, Ma Rosario Toribio

Ulun Akturan, Nuray Tezcan.doc - Ulun Akturan, Nuray Tezcan

“Don’t Tell Me What You Know, Show Me What You Can Do” Bridging The Gap Between Education And Professional Practice: A Canadian Perspective From The Certified General Accountants Association - Gina Letourneau

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