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OCTOBER 18-19, 2008
Florence, Italy

Preface from the Conference Program Chairs

We are delighted to welcome you to the 8th Global Conference on Business & Economics in Florence, Italy. In keeping with the tradition of Association for Business & Economics Research (ABER) conferences, we present you with a program of cutting-edge research in the field of Business & Economics, in the form of papers and panel discussions. The program continues to show a healthy mixture of high standards of selectivity coupled with wide participation from our academic community: 8th GCBE received 254 papers of which 212 papers were accepted, providing an overall acceptance rate of 83%. All manuscript submitted for the conference went through a double-blind referee process. The papers presented at the conference are also published in its proceedings.

Any ABER conference is only as good as the people who take time out of their very busy schedule to help put it all together. As Conference Program Chairs, we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mary Prinzinger, Dinesh Jain, Riccardo Passeri, Niccolò Gordini and Chiara Mazzi. We are also grateful to our colleagues from University of Florence for offering to host this year’s conference and for their invaluable work in providing the necessary infrastructure and support for a successful conference. Finally, without your participation this conference would not have been possible. We would like to take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation to you.

Francesco Ciampi
Dipartimento di Scienze Aziendali
Università degli Studi di Firenze
Conference Program Co-Chair

Atul Gupta
Lynchburg College
Conference Program Co-Chair

A Preliminary Study Across Nations On The Factors That Create And Sustain A Middle Class

A Study On The Influence Of Consumers' Participation In A Brand Community On Their Purchase Intention

A Survey Of Issues Confronting Economic Development Of Sub-saharan Africa

An Application Of Social Network Analysis To Assess Virtual Innovation Team Performance

An Empirical Analysis Of The U.s. Dollar, Yen And Eurodollar Exchange Shock Mean And Volatility Spillover To Domestic And China Stock Markets

An Empirical Investigation Of The Antecedents To The Timing Of New Brand Introduction Decision

An Organizational Adaptation Approach To Firm's Crisis: Evidence From Fiat 1990 - 2007

Baht Appreciation And The Bank Of Thailand's Foreign Exchange Intervention : Experience In 2001-march 2008

Can Credit Scoring Models Effectively Predict Small Enterprise Default? Statistical Evidence From Italian Firms

Competition, Technology Innovation, And Industrial Structure In The Business Aviation Industry

Competitive Advantage Via Synergy In Processes And Operations: The International Joint Ventures Way

Competitive Aspects Of Turkish And Chinese Textile And Clothing Industries

Complementarities In Action - Modeling Complementarity Thresholds In Enacting A Coopetition Strategy

Dynamics Of The Merger Of Emirates Bank International (EBI) And National Bank Of Dubai (NBD)-Strategic Challenges Of Regional Consolidation

Defining The 'Motive' Of International Joint Venture Formation, An Essential Construct In Ijv Discourse

Determinants Of Foreign Direct Investment In Central And Southeastern Europe:New Empirical Tests

Development Of Islamic Finance In Malaysia: A Conceptual Paper

Econometric Analysis Of Capital Flight In Developing Countries: A Study Of Nigeria

Economics Of Learning Style: Traditional Versus E-Learning (The Case Of Jordan)

Effect Of Exchange Rate, Inflation And Wages On The Purchasing Power Of Consumers In Different Economies

Estimating The Monetary Policy Reaction Function For Turkey

Ethnic Banking: Turkish Immigrants In Berlin

Factors Influencing The Effectiveness Of Benchmarking Practice Among Manufacturing Companies In Indonesia

Finance, Innovation And The Value Of The Firm

From Modular Innovation To Systems Integration The Main Experiences From Some Italian Machine Tool Builders

Globalisation And The Labour Relationship

Globalization, Privatization And Collective Bargaining Of Labor : A Time Series Analysis Of Pakistan 1973-2004

Growth, Decline, and Structural Change In U.S. Cities And Towns

Household Determinants Of Poverty In Punjab: A Logistic Regression Analysis Of Mics 2003-04 Data Set

How Enron et al Gamed The Electricity Market: An Empirical Analysis Of Trader Knowledge

Incorporating International Accounting And Reporting Issues Into The Mba/Msf Curriculum

Inequality And Food Purchasing Behavior

Influence Of Human Factors On Information Security Measures Effectiveness Under Ethic Issues

Information Technology And New Business Models In The Tourism Industry

Internationalization Of The Firm: Stage Approach Vs. Global Approach

Location Strategy Of Japanese And U.s. Multinationals On R&D Activities In China: Evidence From Patent Data

Management Control Systems In Multinational Corporations: An Exploratory Study On Italian Business Groups

Managing Relationship In Distribution Networks: Evidence From The Automotive Market

Market Structure As Determinant: The Case Of Leasing In Banking Industry Transformation In Central And South Eastern Europe

Maslow's Hierarchy Of Basic Needs-an Ecological View

Monetary Policy Shocks And Islamic Banks' Deposits In A Dual Banking System: A Comparative Analysis Between Malaysia And Bahrain

Monitoring Models Of Firms Growth: A Discriminant Analysis Of The Djia

Multi-channel Integration Strategies And Environmental Aspects: A Conceptual Framework In Retailing

Multivariate Methods In Examining Greek Stock Market Returns

Outsourcing In The Financial Sector - Recent Management Experiences Analysis Of Financial Firms' Outsourcing Activities Since 2004 And An Outlook

Outsourcing Production Or Moving Away The Locus Of Ethical Accountability? Some Findings About Product Safety

Payment Card Pricing The Relationship Of Consumer Price Elasticity And Merchant Fees Of A Unitary Network

Perspectives From The End Of The 20th Century On The Origins, Development & Consequences Of Women's Self Concepts

Predicting Sme Default Risk. Does Regional Model Make Sense

Pressure On The Euro: Country Risk Of Croatia, Latvia And The Euro Zone

Regional Competitive Index As A Tool To Improve Regional Foresight: Theory And Evidence From Two Western-europe Regions.

Relationship Marketing Across Value Delivery Network: A Literature Review

Relationship Value In Business Markets - Strategic, Relational And Technological Aspects

Retail Innovation Across Retail Brands And Product Brands

Russian Macroeconomic Stability (Sort Of) And Consumer Market Proliferation The Humpbacked Pony Tale In The Era Of Petrodollars

Small Business Entrepreneurship And The Internal Determinants Of International Behaviour

Stock Exchange M&A, Fdi & Demutualization: Industrial Organization Changes To The Better Or To The Worse?

Strategic Awareness And Growth Strategies In Small Sized Enterprises (Ses)

Strategic Changes In Graduate Business Schools Of Lahore, Pakistan: A Complete Make-over

Strategic Choices Of Smes On Foreign Markets : Some Evidence From An Italian Sample

Sustainable Business Development Services For Microenterprises Through Community Service: A Mexican Experience

Systems Cost Negotiation With The Standard Module Approach

Teaching And Learning Business Innovation By Successive Approximations

Teaching Business: The Role Of Language And Identity

Teamwork Rubric

Technology Collaboration Modes: A conceptualization based on the nature of Innovation

The Analysis Of Short-run And Long-run Performance Of Privatization Initial Public Offerings In Malaysia

The Contribution Of Higher Education To Economic Development

The Diffusion Of Innovative Practices In The Service Sector Evidence From U.k Establishments

The Effects Of Market Orientation On The Service Quality Of Private Banking Industry In Palembang

The Evolution Of Financial Accounting Standards In The Philippines

The Evolutionary Trajectories Of Countries Within The Product Space Of International Trade

The Experience Of Entrepreneurs And The Capital Structure Of New Firms

The Microcredit Strategies For SMES In Turkey In The EU Harmonization Process

The Relationship Between Audit Committee Characteristics, Audit Firm Size And Earnings Management In Quarterly Financial Reports Of Companies Listed In The Stock Exchange Of Thailand

The Remuneration Of Ceos Of Italian Firms Listed In Milan’s Stock Exchange:A First Empirical Analysis

The Role Of Asset Reliability And Auditor Quality In Equity Valuation

The Role Of Corruption In Emerging Economies:The Case Of Romania

The Strategic Role Of Innovative Finance And The Mercato Alternativo Del Capitale (Mac) For Business Succession In Italian Family Firms

The Vacation Decision Making Process: Tourism In The Garda Lake

The Valuation Of Intangibles Asset In Smes

U.S. Subprime Financial Crisis, Contagion and Containment in the World Economy: A Macro-Organizational Perspective

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