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A Conceptual Investigation of the Relationship between a Firm’s Strategic Orientation and Strategic Alliances - Danielle A. Chmielewski, Christoph Latteman

A Sector-wise Panel Data Study on the Link Between Transport Infrastructure and Fdi in Mauritius - Boopen Seetanaha

A Sub Period Analysis of Long Memory in Stock Return Volatility - Shamila A. Jayasuriya

A Survey of Economic and Human Development Performance Indicators for Sub-Saharan - Bruce A. Forster

Advantages Integration: Theoretical Framework and a Case Study of China’s - Yu Yongda, Rong Fei

An Examination of Two Measures of Performance Across Samples of Chinese Entrepreneurs (High Technology), Health Care, Hospitality Leaders: The Big Five and Customer Service - Shawn M. Carraher, Dianne H.B. Welsh, Rosalyn M. Cash, Jason X. Duan, George Puia

An Exploration of Gender Stereotypes in Perception and Practice of Leadership - Arijit Sikdar, Sumit Mitra

Assessment of the Use of Vetiver Grass (Vetiveria Zizanioides) in sheet Erosion Management in imo State - Augustine O. Ejiogu, Ijeoma Rose Offor

Behavioral Study On Malaysia Game Player Experiences: How The Embedded Information Inside A Computer Game Affect Players' Behavior - Zuhal Hussein, Nabsiah Abdul Wahid, Norizan Saad

Best business practices and performance in ceramics industry in Thailand - Rattana Seedee, Mohamed Sulaiman, Ishak Ismail

Business Model Disclosure: Much Ado About Nothing. Evidence form Annual Reports of Italian Listed Companies. - Luca Bambagiotti Alberti, Francesco Giunta, Federico Verrucchi

Determinants Influencing the Choice of Equity Private Placement - Norhanim Dewa, Izani Ibrahim

Determinants Of SME Creditworthiness After Basel II: Evidence From Italy - Fabrizio Cipollini, Francesco Dainelli, Francesco Giunta

Do Performance Pay Workers Experience Less Job Turnover and Longer Tenures? - Patrick L. O'Halloran

e-cheating, online sources and technologies: A critical review of existing literature - Stephen D Samuel, Zeenath Reza Khan

Effects Of IFRS Mandatory Adoption And Country-Specific Factors On Accounting Quality: Evidence From Italy - Paola Paglietti

Emergence of Custers through SME Involvement - Sivaram Vemuri

Emerging Challenges for Indian Banking Industry in the backdrop of Global Financial Crisis - Shweta Anand

Enduring Inefficiencies in Intelligence Systems By Reducing Errors In Parallel Systems To Defend Homeland Security: A Principal-Agent Approach - Donald J. Calista

Export Led Growth In South East Asia - Girija Nimgaonkar

Financial Accounts Restatement and the Terms of Bank Loans - Arie L. Melnik

Financial Equivalence and Regulatory Overhaul: From How to Finance to What to Finance - Seung-Hoon LEE

Firm Size and Industry Effects on Market Reaction to Changes in the prices of Federal Funds Futures - Hermann Sintim-Aboagye, Richard Lord

General Education Curricular Foundations in Business Education - Ralph Byington, Lloyd Dawe, David S. Harrison

Impact of Foreign Direct Invesytment on Stock Market Development: The Case of Pakistan - Rukhsana Kalim, Mohammad Shahbaz

Impact of Nature of Ownership of Banks & Demographic Variables on HRM Practices: An Empirical Study - Pankaj Tiwari, Karunesh Saxena

Income, Unemployment And Crime: Panel Data Analysis On Selected European Countries - A.H. Baharom, Muzafar Shah Habibullah

Investment in Education and Economic Growth in Nigeria: A Cointegration Approach - Risikat Oladoyin S. Dauda

Logistics Outsourcing, Contract Complexity and Performance of Australian Exporters - Seu Keow Cheng, Jose Tongzon

Management Coaching: The Bridge To Successful Customer Relationships - Michaeline Skiba, Joseph Mosca

New Growth Markets for Small and Mid Cap Companies: The Launch of AIM Italy - Riccardo Passeri, Chiara Mazzi

Oil Price Volatility and the Global Financial Crisis - Rufus Ayodeji

On The International Transmission Of Productivity Shocks - Daniela Buscaglia

Online Communities Serving Territorial Communities: The M8 Case Study - Guendalina Capece, Roberta Costa, Roberto Spellucci

Politics and Elections at the Spanish Stock Exchange - Dolores Furio Ortega, Angel Pardo Tornero

Pricing of Multi-Sided Payment Card Networks: Determination of Merchant and Interchange Fees - Markus Langlet

System Diagram Technique-Based Development of an Inter-Enterprise AIS in the Global Environment and Course Learning - Supattra Boonmak

Taxation, a governmental instrument in order to re-launch world economy – Study case - Catalina Miklo, Monica Molcuta

Technological Innovation and Role of Technology Strategy: Towards Development of a Model - Meeta Dasgupta, A. Sahay, R. Gupta

Testing GARCH Hedge Effectiveness Under Consideration Of Transaction Cost In Energy Markets - Koray Sayili

The Cash Flow and Financial Constraints Controversy Revisited:Investment-Cash Flow Sensitivity on Growing SMEs that Later Received Venture Capital - Jose Marti-Pellon, Maria Alejandra Ferrer

The Changing Nature of Graduate Careers: Aligning Curriculum Development To Industry Needs - R.Ratneswary V.Rasiah

The city strategic plan as a tool of governance. Potential and critique: the italian case. - Antonio Botti, Massimiliano Vesci

The Design, Implementation, and Results of a Blended On-Line and On-Campus Business Ethics Course - Herbert E. Rau

The Ethical Problems Between Law and Power: A Conceptual Framework of Business Moral Conduct - Stefano Guidantoni

The ex-dividend day anomaly in the Spanish Stock Market - Josep Garcia Blandon, Monica Martinez Blasco, Lucinio Gonzalez Sabate

The Impact Of Entrepreneurial Identity On Attitudes And International Entrepreneurial Behavior in SME - Lutz Sommer, Manuel Haug

The Internationalization process of the Italian Companies: An explorative study to identify the characteristics to succeed in an Eastern-Europe country - Andrea Manzoni, Cristina Bettinelli, Giovanna Dossena, Alberto Marino

The Long Tail Perspective for Niche Communities Online: a Framework for Brand Loyalty Measurement - Daniela Andreini, Fabio Cassia

The Possible Effects on the Future Management of Local Italian Authorities Following the Use of Derivative Financial Instruments - Ubaldo Comite

The Problem of Motivation in Strategic Networks - Muhammad Zafar Yaqub, Muhammad Suhail Nazar, Rana Muhammad Shahid Yaqub

The promises of the intelligent economy in the context of globalization - Ioana Dornescu, Valeriu Dornescu, Gabriel Stefura, Dan Chirlesan

The Role of Marketing Information Systems in Responding to External Environment Factors: An Empirical Study of the Jordanian Banking Industry - Ghazi A. Al-Weshah, Jonathan H. Deacon

The role of the financial markets in the battle against global climatic changes - Valeriu Dornescu, Ioana Dornescu, Gabriel Stefura, Dan Chirlesan

The Role of Web Investor Relations for Mitigating and Manage Stock Exchange Liquidity and Enterprise Risks - Pierpaolo Singer, Claudia Cacia

The strategic drivers of efficiency and productivity in the leasing industry - Degl’Innocenti Marta

The U.S. Men’s Shaving Cream Market: A Competitive Profile - Y. Datta

The Union Influence on the Male-Female Wage Differential: Evidence from Public Universities - Teresa L. Smith, Jean-Luc E. Grosso

The Use of Prepaid Cell Phones by Low Income Consumers - Paula Barbosa, Luis F. Hor-Meyll, Paulo C. Motta

Training Participation and Its Impact on Productivity and Wage: Empirical Analysis of Knowledge Workers in MSC Malaysia - Izyani Zulkifli

Tremonti Bond and their Impact on Banking Control Rules - Lorenzo Gai, Edoardo Catelani

Understanding the Dynamism between Corporate Social Responsibility and Social Capital in Family Businesses - Fara Azmat, Dianne Waddell

Understanding The Global Financial Crisis - Eduardo Pol

Using Gmm Framework To Analyse The Role of Transport Insfrastructure in Economic Growth :The African Case - Boopen Seetanaha

“HRD Climate in Selected Public Sector Banks : An Empirical Study” - Karunesh Saxena, Pankaj Tiwari

“Liberal Education, Collaboration and Sustainable Community Development” - John M Hasselberg

“Quick” Popularity of Fast Food in Russia: One Hundred Million Dollars Later - Nikolai Ostapenko

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